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Kebede Wordofa

Coordinator of Technology Resources

Kebede provides a leadership role in the planning, development, and management of the Library's technological infrastructure.  He reports to the Director of Library Services and is responsible for the overall coordination and direction of the Library's Technology Resources Unit, which includes the electronic resources librarian and two technicians.  The unit manages and maintains the Millennium integrated library system, 10 servers running a variety of applications, 142 public desktop PCs and 22 laptops, 40 staff-use computers, a variety of printers and other equipment, and numerous software packages.

Kebede is the Library Liaison to the Computer Science and Information Technology Department. 

Committees: University Technology Committee

Employed at APSU since: 2011

Education:   B.A., Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 1993
                    M.I.S., Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 1997

Kebede WordofaPhone: (931) 221-7959
Fax: (931) 221-7296
Email: wordofak
Office: 311