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Making the Right Choices

Project Development and Credits

Woodward Library had used the “Plagiarism: The Crime of Intellectual Kidnapping Online Tutorial” by Edith Crowe and Pamela Jackson of San Jose State University for many years to teach our students about plagiarism and its consequences. After nearly a decade, a team consisting of APSU librarians Gina Garber and Christina Chester-Fangman and Digital Services Assistant Scott Shumate decided to re-visit the tutorial. Incorporating the concepts from the existing tutorial as well as content from Garber’s PowerPoint presentation, “Academic (Dis)Honesty” customized for APSU, the team created a brief, entertaining and informative video. The new video was entitled “Plagiarism: Making the Right Choices,” and Chester-Fangman crafted a 10-question quiz to accompany it.

Since the existing web tutorial was not set up to handle the video and quiz and also did not match the appearance of the library’s website, it was decided that the tutorial itself would need to be written as a new program from scratch within the framework of the official library site. The team set about to implement the new tutorial that would display the video and allow students to take the quiz easily and securely, as well as provide the results in an easy-to-use and timely fashion to instructors. Shumate served as the primary developer with Chester-Fangman and Garber overseeing the content of the tutorial itself. This team would be happy to answer any questions or provide additional information about the tutorial. The contact information is below.

Contact Information

Christina Chester-Fangman
Phone: (931) 221-1267
Email: chester-fangmanc
Office: 221

Gina Garber
Phone: (931) 221-7028
Email: garberg
Office: Library 321

Scott Shumate
Phone: (931) 221-6288
Email: shumates
Office: 308