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This page is dedicated to providing more information about the Woodward Library Society, its Board members, bylaws, and activities.

For more information, please contact us.

Board of Directors:

Dewey Browder, President
Nick Tooley, Vice President / President-elect
Jennie Preston-Sabin, Secretary (2019)
Stuart Bonnington, Treasurer (2019)
Bonnie Hodge, Immediate Past President (2019)
Wes Atkinson, Director (2019)
Jim Diehr, Director (2020)
Ken Grambihler, Director (2020)
Marsha Lyle-Gonga, Director (2019)
Ann Silverberg, Director (2020)
Andrea Spofford, Director (2019)
Mercy Cannon, ex-officio, University Library Committee Chair
Gina Garber, ex-officio, Library Faculty Representative
Jerica Swiger, ex-officio, University Advancement Office
Joe Weber, ex-officio, Director of Library Services