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Library Professional Development Committee


The Woodward Library Professional Development Committee identifies and explores learning opportunities for library faculty and staff aimed at developing new skills and acquiring new knowledge. The Committee helps determine the professional development interests and needs of library personnel by identifying external opportunities to gain professional skills, while striving to create in-house training where personnel can share their own knowledge and expertise with peers. The Committee solicits input from library personnel about the types of professional development and training sessions to offer. The Professional Development Committee will meet at least monthly and on an as needed basis.


Staff and Faculty (6) - One (1) from each library unit Access Services, Administration, Digital Services, Research and Instruction, Resource Management, and Technology Resources. Members will serve a two-year term and may serve consecutive terms. The Chair shall rotate every two years.

(Approver: Library Director)

Name Library Unit Service Term
Jenny Harris, Co-Chair Research & Instruction 2021-2023
Michael Hooper, Co-Chair Resource Management 2021-2023
Elaine Berg Access Services 2021-2023
Katie Pendleton Library Administration 2021-2023
Stephanie Klaus Digital Services, Archives, & Special Collections 2021-2023
Kebede Wordofa Technology Resources 2021-2023