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Education Collection Development Policy

College of Education (All Departments)
Library Liaison: Jenny Harris
Faculty Representative: Shirley Walrond and Dr. Lisa Barron

Location of Collection: Woodward Library, Level 3

Overall Collecting Level: Desired level C=study

Purpose and program description: The School of Education is dedicated to preparing students for professional careers as teachers at the pre-service and in-service levels as well as curriculum supervisors and administrators. It offers several undergraduate programs with emphasis placed on professional preparation and other support activities. Education is divided into major coordinating and instructional areas: Early Childhood, Interdisciplinary Studies (elementary), Secondary Education, and Special Education. Graduate areas include Educational Leadership Studies.

Collection Development Plan

Targeted Areas: Diversity, Curriculum Instruction, Educational Leadership, Instructional Technology, Literacy, Middle School, Special Education, Early Childhood Education

General Collection Guidelines

Languages: English

Chronological Guidelines: C=1961 -present, with a few subjects collecting pre 1900 to present.

Dates of Publication: 2008 - present

Geographical Areas: United States

Noted Publishers: AcqWeb; CRC Press; Teacher Ideas Press

Review Sources: Education Review; Books in Print

Material Formats Collected: monographs and videos

Material Formats Excluded: workbooks, textbooks, review copies, computer software, instructional software, books on CD or tape (library storage/operational constraints)

Other General Considerations: N/A

Statement of Collection Strengths and Weaknesses: N/A

LC Subject Subdivisions:

  • Education (L7-991)
  • History of Education (LA5-2396)
  • Theory and practice of education (LB5-3640)
  • Special aspects of education (LC8-6691)
  • Individual institutions, U.S. (LD13-7501)
  • Individual institution (America, except U.S.), Canada; Mexico: Central America; West Indies: South America) (LE3-78)
  • Individual Institutions (Europe) LF20-5477
  • Individual Institutions (Asia) LG21-LG395
  • Individual Institutions (Africa; Australia; New Zealand; Pacific Islands (LG401-681)
  • College and School magazines and papers (LH1-9)
  • Student fraternities and sororities, U.S. (LJ3-LJ165)
  • Textbooks (LT6-1001)

Related Subject Areas: Psychology, Art

Impact of Local, Regional, or National Cooperative Programs: Head Start, Progressive Directions, Early Childhood Educators; Local PTA; In-service, consulting research for surrounding school districts; Harriet Cohn Center

Other Considerations: N/A

Date Prepared: 1/2006; Last Updated: 8/2013