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Psychological Science and Counseling Collection Development Policy

Department of Psychological Science and Counseling
Library Liaison: Jenny Harris
Faculty Representative: Dr. Stephen Truhon

Location of Collection: Woodward Library, Level 3

Overall Collecting Level: C=Study

  • Accrediting body: N/A
  • Degrees offered: B.A. and M.A.

Collection Development Plan

Targeted Areas: None. Since each individual faculty member typically represents a specific part of the undergraduate and graduate programs, the department divides its allocation budget equally among its faculty.

General Collection Guidelines

Languages: English

Chronological Guidelines: 1900-present

Dates of Publication: 2009-present

Geographical Areas: W=World with particular emphasis on U.S.

Noted Publishers: Springer Publishing Company; Taylor & Francis Group; and SAGE Publishing

Review Sources: ARD The Anthropology Review Database; Humanities and Social Sciences Online; and Books in Print

Material Formats Collected: monographs and videos

Material Formats Excluded: workbooks, textbooks, review copies, computer software, instructional software, books on CD or tape (library storage/operational constraints)

Other General Considerations: N/A

Statement of Collection Strengths and Weaknesses: N/A

LC Subject Subdivisions:

  • Psychology (BF1-990)
  • Industrial Psychology (HF5548.7-5548.85)
  • Social Psychology (HM1001-1281)
  • Educational Psychology (LB1050.9-1091)
  • Animal Behavior (QL775-785.3)
  • Psychiatry (RC435-571)

Related Subject Areas: Artificial Intelligence, learning disabilities, sociology, statistics, developmental disabilities, organizational behavior

Impact of Local, Regional, or National Cooperative Programs: N/A

Other Considerations: N/A

Date Prepared: 9/2005; Last Updated: 8/2013