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University Archives & Special Collections Policy

The purpose of the University Archives & Special Collections is to house Woodward Library materials that need special care for their protection and preservation. These are organized as collections. One collection in the room includes material that would be difficult to replace, dealing with Tennessee and Southern Middle Kentucky, especially Clarksville and the surrounding area. Another collection includes items in various media relative to Austin Peay State University and the predecessor institutions on its site. A collection of commercially published books written by past and present Austin Peay faculty, students, and administrators is also maintained. A final collection consists of materials which need special care because of the difficulty of replacing them or because of their age, fragility, value, format, or uniqueness. Each collection requires slightly different policies and procedures. Exceptions to these policies must be approved by the director of library services.

Access to the room is restricted. Restrictions are necessary to help protect and preserve the materials. The room is locked at all times. Persons are not allowed in the room without being accompanied by a staff member.

Adopted Jan. 25, 2005; revised Oct. 3, 2016