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libQUAL+ Survey Results
APSU Undergraduates ▪ LibQUAl+ 2009 Survey Responses ▪ (Quantitative & Qualitative)
NOTE: APSU-specific disciplines are grouped by LibQUAL+ designated disciplinary areas. Where this occurs, we provide the APSU-specific disciplines falling within these areas.
Disciplinary Areas Overall Results Dimension Questions
Business Faculty Responses (1) pdf pdf
Communication Faculty No Response
Computer Science/Information Technology & Technology at Fort Campbell No Response
Education Faculty Responses (1), includes APSU Education and Health & Human Performance pdf pdf
Health Science Faculty Responses (1), includes APSU Nursing and Allied Health pdf pdf
Humanities Faculty Responses (11), includes APSU Languages/Literature and History/Philosophy pdf pdf
Performing & Fine Arts Faculty Responses - includes APSU Art, Music, Theatre/Dance No Response
Science/math & Agriculture Faculty Response (8) - includes APSU Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics/Astronomy, Geology/Geography and Agriculture pdf pdf
Social Science Faculty Responses (2), includes APSU Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, & Public Management/Criminal Justice at Fort Campbell pdf pdf
Undecided/Other Faculty Responses (5) pdf pdf