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Newspaper clippings, Public Ledger pamphlet and the book Dorothy Dix-Her Book: Every-day Help for Every-day People, 1926. The book includes her "my philosophy of life," and was printed in three editions. Titles are scripted as in the original format.

1. "DOROTHY DIX---Herself – for thirty years counselor extraordinary to millions the world over." The Public Ledger, nd., (3 copies).

2. "Dorothy Dix Recalls Start Of Her Column In Picayune," by Dorothy Dix. Dorothy Dix, One of the Picayune’s Most Brilliant ‘Alumnae.’" Full page article with picture of Dix (her date of birth is incorrect, should be 11-18-1861). The Times-Picayune, Monday, January 25, 1937.

3. "They Stand Out From the Crowd. Columnists As They See Themselves. ‘Dorothy Dix-I was born at Woodstock, Tennessee….’" Drawing of Dix at desk surrounded by letters, by McGonigle. The Literary Digest, July 21, 1934.

4. "My desk has become a confessional at which men and women open their hearts and tell me the secrets they would not tell their nearest and dearest…" Photo of Dix at her desk reading letters. Part of a Ledger announcement, nd.

5. "Dorothy Dix, mother confessor to the world CONFESSES." Oversized newspaper page with summary of Dix’s life, both personal and professional, accompanied by a few historical pictures of her and a few relatives and friends. Ledger Syndicate announcement that Dix is still read by 600,000 New York Evening Journal readers, nd.

6. Dorothy Dix-Her Book: Every-day Help for Every-day People, by Dorothy Dix. New York & London: Funk & Wagnalls, 1926 (2 copies shelved in APSU, F.G. Woodward Library Archives BJ 1581 .G55).

7. "Dorothy Dix – Interesting Sketch of a Brilliant Newspaper Woman of the New York Journal," by Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer, ns. [1902] (from her scrap book).

8. "Columnists As They See Themselves," by Dorothy Dix. Drawing by McGonigle for The Literary Digest, ns.,nd. (from her scrap book).

9. "First Wrote Articles On Family Problems For Sunday Features – Tells of ‘Cub’ Days When She Gathered Vital Statistics, Did All Odd Jobs of Reporting, Saw Editors’ Duel," by Dorothy Dix. The Times-Picayune, 1937 (from her scrap book).