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Magazine articles on general topics about Dix and her writings; includes writings and talks by Dix and by others. Titles recorded as scripted in the original article.

1. "In Miniature – Dorothy Dix – The lady of the understanding heart," by Clare Elliott. McCalls Magazine, January 1930, pp. 4, 59 (2 copies).

2. "Life Goes calling on Dorothy Dix – Lovelorns’ No. 1 adviser lives in New Orleans, ns.,nd.

3. "Dorothy Dix, Common Sense Philosopher," by Harnett Kane and Ella Bentley Arthur. The Quill, A Magazine for Journalists, January 1953, pp. 6, 7, 17.

4. "Is There a Real Dorothy Dix?" by Beatrice Washburn. Everybody’s Magazine, October 1925, pp.19-25 (2 copies).

5. "Dorothy Dix Talks," by Hermann B. Deutsch. Saturday Evening Post, July 10, 1937, pp.16, 17, 62-65 (4 copies).

6. Mrs. E.M. Gilmer’s copy of the Saturday Evening Post, July 10, 1937. "Mrs. E.M. Gilmer, 6334 Prytania ST, New Orleans, LA 4438.

7. "Dear Dorothy Dix." Topics reported on are: away to school; cottage on the Gulf; Elizabeth finds a friend; the major meets his canary; invitation to murder; overnight celebrity; the violent years; dear Miss Dix; diamond jubilee; the big time; saloon crashing; east side, west side; nothing but the truth; you didn’t marry an angel; that Miss Dix; reunion with George; no more cadavers; breakup of a marriage; live alone – you’ll like it; caught by the bottle; enough is enough; the witch of Wall Street; thirty-six wives and woman in hiding. McCalls, nd. [part of a 6 page article]

8. "Dear Dorothy Dix." Topics reported on are: living on a budget; return to sorrow; handling the mail; how to be popular; unfaithful husbands; bread-and-butter presents; marriage and husbands; too many marriages; beyond the grave; her past catches up with her; she grew old gracefully; kiss but don’t tell; blackmail?; marry in haste; unwed mothers; adoption; don’t commit adultery; step on it Jake; the end draws near; dear Dorothy Dix, goodbye. McCalls, nd. [part of a seven page article]

9. [Dorothy Dix], by Harnett T. Kane with Ella Bentley Arthur. Times-Picayune [supplement] 1952, pp. 27, 28, 51, 144.

10. McCalls index to the August 1952 issue. The General Article section lists the Dear Dorothy Dix article by Harnett T. Kane with Ella Bentley Arthur.

11. McCalls’ August 1952 cover page announcement. "Begin Dear Dorothy Dix, 60 million women told her their secrets."

12. McCalls’ September 1952 cover page announcement. The Secrets Millions Of Women Told Dorothy Dix."

13. "Dorothy Dix: Chronicler of the ‘Human Comedy and Tragedy.’" New Orleans Life, May, 1925 [parts of an article]

14. "The Beloved Woman," by Wynonah Breazeale Johnson. Holland’s Magazine, October, 1922.

15. "Dorothy Dix’s Own Romance," by Betty Cate. The Sunday Sun Magazine, Baltimore, Maryland, March 31, 1946.

16. "Shop Talk At Thirty," by Marlen Pew. Editor & Publisher, April 11, 1936.

17. "Meet the Confidante of Millions," by Albert H. Morehead. For forty-six years Dorothy Dix has been chief advisor to the lovelorn, and counselor to all. Redbook Magazine, October 1944 (2 copies).

18. "When Dorothy talked, people really listened," by Kat Bergeron in her Gulf Coast Chronicles column. The Sun Herald, Sunday, November 17, 1985 (photo copy).

19. "A shoulder to weep on. Dorothy Dix gave her public that one basic need," by Kat Bergeron in her Gulf Coast Chronicles column. The Sun Herald, Sunday, November 24, 1985 (photo copy).

20. Accused of being inconsistent Dix says "I hope to goodness I am. I should hate like poison to be consistent," (part of an article, 21 column lines) ns.,nd.

21. Dix having attended her first bull fight writes "saw three men injured one I think fatally. Twelve horses killed and four bulls, and called it a day and quit. But it was a grand ‘corridor.’ Give me the innocent sport of dodging autos on Canal [street, New Orleans] which is no less dangerous, but calmer – if you get what I mean," ns.,nd.

22. Writings by others saved by Dix in her scrap book: The Rhyme of the Restless Rover, Not As I Will, A Story Of Eden, Satisfied and Life’s Story (original on the back of III.13, 10).

23. "The Woman with the Broom," address by Dorothy Dix at The National American Convention of 1903 (National Suffrage Convention) held in the New Orleans Athenaeum, 1205 St. Charles Avenue March, 1903. Otago Witness, (2578) 12 August, 1903, p. 63+.

24. "The Real Reason why Women cannot Vote," address by Dorothy Dix at The National American Convention of 1910 (National Suffrage Convention) held in 1910. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. Alexander Street Press, 2009.