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Magazine and newspaper articles, and souvenir items about Dix and her culinary experiences

1. “Gourmet’s Paradise,” by Milton Lehman. Collier’s for November 8, 1947 (two copies).

2. “Dinner at Antoines In Honor of Frances Parkinson Keyes, Thursday, November Eighteenth, 1948, 7 P. M.” Menu and a one page commentary by Roy L. Alciatore about the special dinner.

3. “Souvenir Du Restaurant Antoine Fonde En 1840, 713-717 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, LA.” Booklet of the Antoine history including sections of special guests; Dix listed in the Authors, Columnists, Artists section.

4. “By candlelight, Dorothy Dix (Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer) serves the café brulot, ‘black as the devil, strong as death, sweet as love, hot as Hell.’ At her left, Miss Elizabeth Nicholson, and behind, Miss Yvonne Brown. Both debutantes have a chance to be Queen at one of the Mardi Gras Balls.” Photo of Dix serving her famous brew to the two debutantes. Harper’s Bazaar, February 1943.

5. “Where Folks Really Eat,” by Bill Sharpe. The State, A Weekly Survey of North Carolina, March 10, 1945. Inscription by Dix, “next summer we will come and eat here. You never saw such food, or so much of it. Leaving tomorrow for home. This hotel (manor) has gone so skimpy on eats we are gnawing on our finger nails-Love Lizzy Sep 10”.

6. “Dorothy Dix’s Recipe for Mint Juleps A Poem In prose,” by Dorothy Dix. The Mississippi Sun, Charleston, MISS., Thursday, September 29, 1938.

7. “America’s Confessor At Home.” Chicago Herald and Examiner, Friday, October 9, 1936.

8. “Favorite Recipes of Famous Women,” No. 36 by Dorothy Dix, Barbequed Chicken. Public Ledger Co., 1922.

9. Ten recipes from newspapers and one hand copied recipe [by Dix]. From the Dix recipe collection.

10. Restaurant Antoine Menu. Signatures noted on back of menu by the dinner guests. Daisy Meriwether, Huntington Patch, Ella Bentley Arthur, C.E. Meriwether, Christy Arthur, “Bee” Patch and Harnett T. Kane, n.d.

11. “Recipes By World Famous Chefs, Crème Yvette For Smart Desserts.” The Sheffield Company, New London, Connecticut, U.S.A. From the Dix recipe collection, nd.