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Newspaper clippings and class listings of Dix’s graduating class at Clarksville Female Academy, Clarksville, TN and Hollins Institute (University), Roanoke, VA.

1. “Miss Lizzie Meriwether left this week for Botetourt Springs, Va., where she will enter Hollins Institute for a six month’s review” [1878, source unknown, but probably The Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, Clarksville, TN].

2. Book Of Alumnae Of The Clarksville Academy, Class Of 1856-1902. The Corn Sheller, The Montgomery County Historical Society Newsletter, v. 18 (8) August 1995 [reprint of book].

3. Letter from Dix to a Mr. Turner who forwarded Dix information about Founders Day at Hollins which Dix attended. Turner asks in a letter to Dix in which room she lived while at Hollins Institute. March 10, 1930 (photo copy).

4. Letter from Dix to Matty Cooke, a teacher at Hollins Institute while Dix was there. Dix is pleased and flattered and it “warms the cockles” of her heart that he remembers her “out of all the army of girls who have marched through the doors of Hollins since I was there.” February, 22, 1930 (photo copy).

5. “Intimate Glimpses of the Senior Class.” Dear Miss Dix letters collected during the year of 1929-30 for the Hollins yearbook Spinster from a certain group of Hollins students—the Senior Class. Sixty-two short paragraphs presented to Dix while attending commencement and showing off her medal she won in the 1879 for the best composition. A 200 word thank you from Dix is included. February 15, 1930 (photo copy).

6. “In Memoriam, The True Dorothy Dix…A Tribute.” Hollins Alumnae Magazine, Spring 1952 (photo copy).

7. Announcement that former Hollins girl, Mrs. E.M. Gilmer, nee Miss Lizzie Meriwether, accepted a position on the editorial staff of the New Orleans Picayune. THE SEMI-ANNUAL, February 1898 [Hollins publication] (photo copy).

8. Listing of the MEDALISTS in the Hollins Catalog for the academic year 1878-79. Miss Lizzie Meriwether, Clarksville, Tenn., as the winner of the English Composition. Hollins Catalog, 1878-79 (photo copy).

9. “A Shoulder to Weep On,” by Dorothy Dix. One page article by Dix with a foreword by the editor of Hollins Alumnae Magazine, Winter issue, 1947-48, vol. XXI, NO.2 (photocopy).

10. “The few who embraced ‘letters’ have made pronounced reputations. Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmer, grand daughter of the pioneer scholar and gentleman, Dr. William Douglas Meriwether. Her graceful pen early found its way into current literature, and now of the New Orleans Picayune staff wielding an influence mightier than the sword.” History of the Clarksville Female Academy, Mrs. Nanny H. Williams, p. 30. Tennessee Centennial 1890. W.P. Titus, Printer and Binder, 1899 (available in the APSU library, TN Hist LD 7251.C6 W5).

11. Female Academy graduation ceremony. Miss Lizzie Meriwether presented her senior essay titled “’In the Market.’ Not so complimentary to the present age-a trenchant satire on the universal dominion of the almighty dollar, for which everything may be bought, honor and love, lawyers, politicians and young ladies. Exceptions were made, however, in favor of Lee and Jackson, who were quoted as above price. The elocution of this young lady was generally remarked as admirable.” The Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, June 15, 1878.