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Honors and awards Dix were granted from around the world.

1a. “Dorothy Dix Rose Is Christened.” The Times Picayune, Friday, August 20, 1926.

1b. “Doctor of Letters.” The Times Picayune, June 9, 1927.

The above two articles, on the same copied page, have the following hand written statement. “This Page is Dedicated to our Friend and les-Citizen Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) of New Orleans.”

2. “Dorothy Dix Is Awarded Honorary Tulane Degree for Literary Attainment. Dean Butler and Dr. Dinwiddie Pay Glowing Tributes to Writer.” The Times Picayune, June 9, 1927 (two photo copies).

3. “DOROTHY DIX MADE DOCTOR OF LETTERS,” Oglethorpe University. May 25 [1931] Atlanta, Ga.

4. “Dorothy Dix is made a doctor of laws by Tulane University and is worthy of her degree.” The name Brisbane is hand written on the paper the article is attached to, ns, nd.

5. “Doctor Dorothy Dix, Tulane University …honor to a Southern woman of letters…,” ns., nd.

6. “DOROTHY DIX HONORED BY TULANE UNIVERSITY. Famous woman writer, who in private life is …honorary degree of doctor of letters [Atlanta Journal] Handwritten note: Mrs. Gilmer: Here’s one we put over. Signed by Yorke.” Photo of Dix at her desk at home.

7. “3 Orleans Women.” Mrs. Gilmer, Ruth McEnery Stuart and Grace King were awarded honorary doctorate degrees from Tulane University, ns., nd.

8. “50th anniversary in the newspaper world….the largest number of members of Le Petit salon ever to assemble at one time…Mr. Nicholson (Yorke), son of Eliza Nicholson who hired Dix at the Picayune, read a letter to Dorothy Dix concerning his ‘dark, dim and distant past’.” He refers to Dix as ‘Little Sis’and talks about her buying him his first pair of pants and getting him out of his dresses, and having his hair cut. An article with photoof Dix shown receiving a gift from Mrs. Arthur Nolte in behalf of members of Le Petit Salon of which Mrs. Gilmer is president. The Times-Picayune, Thursday, May 30, 1946.

9. “DOROTHY DIX HONORED.” The Times Picayune, May 30, 1948.

10. “Guild Presents $50 Gift to Mrs. Gilmer….of the charity Hospital Guild of which she is president. Mrs. Gilmer turned the money over to Sister Stanislaus for the needy who daily cross her path..” [Times Picayune] April 7, 1944

11. “Gilmer, Mrs. E.M. (Dorothy Dix) addressed Interstate Oil Compact Commission Tells of Bride Who Forgot Husband’s Name.” [Times Picayune] April 4, 1944.

12. “Dear Miss Dix – This Is My Problem…In recognition of her tonic qualities, the Medical Women’s National Association made her an honorary member.” Reader’s Digest, February 1945 pp. 39-42.

13. Medical Women’s National Association, Inc. Original document of its officers etc., and a hand written note to Mrs.Gilmer announcing her as an honorary member of the association. Message written by L. Rosa H. Gantt, President of M.W.N.A. Event held at the Charles Hotel in New Orleans on May 8, 1932.

14. Women World War Veterans Elected Dorothy Dix Honorary Member at their Annual Luncheon of the American Legion Convention, Monday, September 20, 1937 in the Grand Ball Room of the American Women’s Club, New York City. Signed by Donally Hooks, National Commander. Original document.

15. “Certificate…Presents Mrs. E. M. Gilmer by ascending the Pool of Kaluykuy and descending the Rapids in a canoe on the 5th day of August, 1931 has qualified for membership in the Order of the Adventurous Swimmers of Pagsanjan and is hereby elected a member…at Manila, Phlippine Islands.” Signed by President Carlos Po Uoumley. Original document.

16. “CLUBS TO HONOR SIX.” The New Orleans Federation of Clubs honoring the following women announced by Mrs. May R. Oppenheimer, president. Dorothy Dix, Mrs. James Oscar Nixon, Mrs. Charles Buck, Jr., Miss Florence Diamond, Mrs. Otto Joachim and Miss Violette O’Reilly. New Orleans Picayune, April 24, 1947.

17. “Women Of Year’ Honored.” Six women honored for great contributions. New Orleans Picayune, April 29, 1947.