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Newspaper clippings and pamphlet information on Lizzie (Dix) and her family members

1. “Beautiful Tribute To Black Mammy, Young White Mistress Wanted Body Of Life-Long Slave Buried by Her Side.” Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, p. 7. December 9, 1913.

2. “Black Mammy Emily, A Tribute to a Passing Type,” by Mrs. Harriett Parks Miller. (a) Copy of photo of Mammy Emily and the little girl Dorothy Dix [1912] ns.

3. “Noteworthy Reunion Of Two Representative Families, The Barkers and The Meriwethers. Its Members came From Far and Near to celebrate an Occasion of Great Pleasure to the Numerous Descendants of Honored Ancestors. A Magnificent Dinner Was Provided For the Assembled Hosts and Their Invited Guests---a Day Long to be Cherished by Those who Celebrated It.” Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, July 23, 1909.

4. “Dorothy Dix Reminisces Over Early Life Here, Describes the Cave and Springs as Beautiful Resort.” Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, June 30, 1934.

5. “Meriwether Family Papers, 1791-1949.” Gift of Mrs. Ross McCuddy, Adairsville, Ky., 1953.

6. “Will D. Meriwether Buried Here Today, Father of Dorothy Dix at Rest in Native Soil. Hundreds Attend committal Services-Remains Brought From Oak Park, Ill., This Morning-Headed Distinguished Progeny.” Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle,

7. “Dr. Virginia M. Davis, 87, Dies: Combines Medicine Farming.” Daughter of Niles Meriwether, New York. New York Herald Tribune, Friday, April 22, 1949.

8. “Mrs. Tate Wins A Fellowship, Local Writer Will Go Abroad to compose Novel.” Mrs. Caroline Gordon Tate (1895-1981) is a cousin to Dix, ns. nd.

9. “Winston Family Geneology, Winston, Yorkshire, England. Isaac Winston, 1620.” Dix’s mother’s family, Maria N.

10. “IN MEMORIAM DAVID YANCEY WINSTON. Born December 31, 1862. Died August 7, 1904.” Cousin to Dix.

11. Letter to Mrs. Robt. Gill, Allensville, Ky.,February 10, 1900 from David Y. Winston, M.D., Infirmary of Runyon & Winston, 334 Franklin St., Clarksville, Tenn. “My dear cousin Mamir…Lizzie as she was called by family members is mentioned in the letter sends her love and sympathy to you all. Lizzie joins me in love to all. Truly your cousin.”

12. “An African-American story, both maternal and paternal ancestors aren’t complete histories,” by Phil Petrie. Cumberland Lore, The Leaf-Chronicle, December 24, 2002. Related to the famed columnist Dorothy Dix.

13. “Mrs. E.M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) and her brother and sister-in-law…Mr. and Mrs. George Patch of Oak Park, Ill., left for Baltimore, Md.,” ns., nd.

14. “DOROTHY DIX IS HERE FOR VISIT; Describes Work. Happy With Old Friends Says Writer.” Leaf Chronicle, September 27, 1929.

15. “All of A Place: The Literary Soil of Todd County,” by Joy Bale Boone. Register of The Kentucky Historical Society, pp. 368-376. (Dorothy Dix, Caroline Gordon and Robert Penn Warren).

16. “A Look Back In Time,” by Lisa Richards. Photo of family members taken about 1930. The Meriwether Society Connections. Vol. XX (4) pp.5-9, Oct.-Dec.2001.

17. “Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) leaves next week for Chicago…,” ns., nd.

18. “Another delightful hospitality…was the luncheon given by Mrs. Arthur Nolte in honor of Captain James Dinkins who celebrated his 92nd birthday…at the Orleans club, …Mrs. Cecil Guy Robinson, Mrs. E.M. Gilmer, Mrs. Stanley Arthur, Mrs. Frank Flournoy,” ns., nd.

19. Address of Mrs. Huntington Patch, 2445 Lawndale, Evanston, Ill. Card from Dix, attention to page 70, Home Magazine, April 22, 1946.

20. History of the Kilmarnick Edition of Burn’s poems belonging to Parson Will Douglas, which was given to his daughter Margaret when she married Nicholas Meriwether of Albemarle Co., Va. ……William Douglas Meriwether had the book and he was the father of Dix of New Orleans. Saturday Evening Post, July 10, 1937.

21. Dix’s father’s funeral announcement at Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, TN. “Pallbearers have been chosen from among the employees of Mr. Patch and are as follows: Florence Bates, B.F. Clifton, Sam Sti[ ] , John Cooley, Charles [ ], Robert Johnson,” ns., nd.

22. “FEATURE WRITER’S FATHER IS LAUDED. Good Will Given to Members of Dorothy Dix’s Family.” Given by the summer residents of Diamond Springs, Ky., ns., nd.

23. “Sailing to Mexico on the steamship Dixie for New York are Mr. and Mrs. George Patch of Chicago, Ill., who have spent several months here [New Orleans] with Mrs. Patch’s sister, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix)," ns., nd.

24. Meriwether family’s horse history hand written on Mrs. George Marsh Patch’s stationary, 317 South Euclid, Oak Park, Illinois. Two pages, unsigned and undated. Mentions that “our grandfather” gave a horse to Albert Sydney Johnson, ns.,nd.

25. “Written for A.H. Patch by his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer in the fall of 1942.” Transcription of the letter mentioned above (2 copies).

26. “The Courageous Caroline, FOUNDER OF THE UDC,” by Josephine M. Turner. Paragon Press, Inc., Montgomery, Ala., 1965.

27. “Meriville.” The story of Caroline Gordon’s PENHALLY. Script to a walking tour of the farm written by Ms. Elinor Howell Thurman. Document also in the HOMES folder (II.6).

28. “Obituaries, A.H. Patch…was the nephew of Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer, known worldwide as Dorothy Dix.” [Clarksville Leaf Chronicle] November 7, 1991.

29. “The Meriwether Connection.” The Dream of the Golden Mountains Remembering the 1930s, by Malcolm Comley. The Viking Press, New York, 1980, pp.192-206. Tells about the Barker place Cloverland and its beautiful setting [first published by the author in 1964]

30. “Lineage of the Woodstock Meriwethers,” by Elinor Howell Thurman, 1991.

31. Part of a document listing names of selected Civil War heroes buried at the Meriville cemetery. Plus a brief summary of Dix’s life including information about her speaking at the big suffrage jubilee in Boston, ns., nd.

32. “WOMEN ENTER MORE LIGHTLY INTO MATRIMONY THAN MEN DOROTHY DIX SAYS AT PICNIC. Famed Newspaper Columnist Lauds Jump-off Park Setting.” Part of an article that mentions several of Dix’s relatives of her sister Mary’s family (Patch) who lived in Chicago. The article is an interview with Dix while in Hendersonville, Western North Carolina, ns.,nd.

33. “FUNERAL OF MR. A.H. PATCH-ATTENDED AT 10:30 BY MANY SORROWING FRIENDS,” by M.C. Northington, Mayor. February 1, 1909. “A.H. PATCH DIES SUDDENLY-ONE OF CLARKSVILLE’S BELOVED AND HIGHLY VALUED CITIZEN.” The two articles are pasted on the same piece of paper. Mr. Patch was the father in-law of Dix’ sister Mary who lived in Chicago [The Leaf Chronicle, Clarksville, TN]

34. "FEATURE WRITER’S FATHER IS LAUDED- Good will Given to Member of Dorothy Dix’s Family,”ns., nd.

35. “Dorothy Dix and Others Social Attention in City – Luncheon Observes 83rd Birthday of Mrs. Bryan Whitfield.” Clarksville visit by Dix and family members to celebrate a birthday and to visit with ill friends [Clarksville Leaf Chronicle] nd.

36. Announcement of Lizzie Meriwether’s marriage to George Oglethorpe Gilmer on Tuesday, November 21, 1882 at 8 o’clock in the morning, Clarksville, Tennessee. George O. Gilmer of the firm of Meriwether & Gilmer, proprietors of the city mills, and Miss Lizzie, the accomplished daughter of Mr. W.D. Meriwether. “The bride is one of the brightest of Clarksville’s many bright women, and should she follow the usual rule and withdraw from society, society will have cause to regret her marriage.” Weekly Tobacco Leaf, November 24, 1882 (2 photocopies).

37. “Villager Visits Famous Sister, Dorothy Dix.” Her sister Mary and her husband pay a visit to Dix in New Orleans. Article lists the names of Mary’s family members, ns.,nd. (from her scrap book).

38. “My grandfather’s house, Multigenerational home known as Rock Spring Farm alive with priceless memories, funny tales and neverending love.” Mentioning of the big annual Meriwether-Barker family reunions “attended by all scattered kin and assorted neighbors and friends.” An event Dix and her family members attended for decades. Cumberland Lore, The Leaf-Chronicle, Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

39. “Mrs A. H. Patch, 2445 Lansdale Av, Evanston, Ills.,” (family member of Dix’s sister Mary) envelope from 6334 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA. April 15, 1943.

40. “For nothing is a greater proof that we are all sisters under the skin than the fact that the problems of men and women are the same the world over, and the most important thing in the world to each one of us is our family relationship…My Message to my Readers,” Dorothy Dix while on her second visit to the Philippines, 1931 ns.

41. “Meriwether Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether,” names of 1st through 6th generation of Meriwethers, 1631-1832. http://keenekreations.net/genealogy/meriwether.html

42. Lucy Meriwether, Lewis Marks and her son Meriwether Lewis, distant relatives of Dix from Albemarle County, Virginia. Brief biographical information (Virginia.edu) 4pp.

43. Caroline Douglas Meriwether and the Meriwether connection, by Rubye Patch. The Leaf-Chronicle, Cumberland Lore. Thursday December 23, 2010.

44. “Meriwether family art is donated to APSU,” by Charles Booth. Portraits of Dix’s paternal grandparents, Charles Nicholas Minor Meriwether and his wife Caroline Huntley Barker, who build the family home Woodstock and Dix’s paternal aunt Nancy Minor Meriwether. Portraits in APSU gallery. The Leaf-Chronicle, Saturday, June 11, 2011, Clarksville, Tennessee.