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1. “Captain Dinkins Fetes 94th Birthday Quietly At His Home…At one p.m. the old veteran attended a party at the Orleans club, given in his honor by Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmer. ‘I knew her people before she was born’ says Captain Dinkins,” by Mike Amrine [New Orleans] nd.

2. “The handkerchief shower given yesterday by Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) for Captain and Mrs. Dinkins, in honor of their 65th wedding anniversary, was an interesting and original affair,” ns., nd.

3. [Captain Dinkins] “His Ninety-Fourth…luncheon given today by his good friend, Mrs. E.M. Gilmer. She entertained at the Orleans club...,” ns., nd.

4. “With The Women You May Be Richer Than You Think,” by Emily Shuber. Thirty-five years of close friendship…Mrs. Arthur Nolte can say of her relationship with Mrs. E.M. Gilmer.” Asheville-Citizen-Times, Sunday, October 8, 1950.

5. “Dorothy Dix Visits Grave Of O. Henry Here, Tells About Interview O. Henry Granted Girl, Dorothy Dix Knew Him When he Wrote In New York.” Asheville-Citizen-Times, Asheville, N.C., Sunday, July 12, 1936 (2 copies).

6. “HERE AND THERE, DOROTHY DIX,” by Mrs. Andrena O. Williams. Mentioning of President Woodrow Wilson visiting Dix and her” Dixie White House.” THE RIDGE CITIZEN, JOHNSTON, S.C., Thursday, October 9, 1952.

7. Paragraph including social announcements and comments by [York] Nicholson “whose mother gave Dorothy Dix her first job, and when returning to New Orleans Dix became a director of the newspaper which had bought her first story for three dollars,” ns.,nd.