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Box 2 - Biographical - Dorothy Dix Day

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Newspaper and magazine clippings of the Dorothy Dix Day

1. Letter from the Dorothy Dix Committee to leaders of New Orleans organizations extending invitations to the special day. New Orleans, La., May 24, 1928.

2. “Notables and Thousands of ‘Just Folks’ Unite in Honoring Dorothy Dix”. Times Picayune, Monday, June 11, 1928.

3. “Dorothy Dix” Day. Newspaper article describing the picturesque assembly, ns.,nd.

4. “Dorothy Dix Day Fixed for Sunday In Proclamation. A proclamation was issued by Mayor A.J. O’Keefe…,” ns.,nd.

5. “THE MOTHER OF THEM ALL!” Drawing of the public reception held for Dix at the Delgado Museum. Times Picayune, Sunday, June 3, 1928.

6. “Hailed by Orleans Today. City Will Pay Tribute to Dorothy Dix Today in Museum Reception. Famous Journalist to Be Guest of Honor at Public Program.” Newspaper article accompanied by photo of Dix [Times Picayune, June 3, 1928]

7. “’Dorothy Dix Day’ in New Orleans.” Good description of the event with photo. New Orleans Times-Picayune, June 11, 1928.

8. “The ‘Dorothy Dix’ Rose” [Birmingham Herald, Sunday, Au]

9. “Plan Reception For Dorothy Dix.” Short newspaper article lists committee members of the Dorothy Dix Day Committee. Times Picayune, May 27, 1928.

10. “If the ‘Dorothy Dix’ rose be as warmly appreciated as the lovely woman for whom it is named, its popularity is assured,” ns., nd.

11. “Throng Cheers For First Lady Of New Orleans. Thousands pay Tribute of Love to Dorothy Dix.” [The Times-Picayune] nd, (from her scrap book).