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Box 2 - Biographical - club memberships

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Orleans Club
1. “It was a lovely luncheon at which Mrs. E.M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) and Mrs. Arthur Nolte were hostesses…, ns.,nd.

2. “Dix…Orleans Club Member.” Part of a newspaper article, ns., nd.

Pen Women Society
3. “Pen Women to Honor Famed Evanston Visitors – Dorothy Dix and Southern Poet Will Be Feted.” Mrs.Gilmer known to thousands…member of the New Orleans branch of the Pen Women’s organization. The Evanston Review, July 11, 1940.

Ruth McEnery Stuart Clan
4. “Season 1931-1932.” Lists Mrs. E.M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) as an honorary member. Original program.

New Orleans Federation of Women’s Clubs
5. “A Tribute To Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether (Dorothy Dix) Gilmer 1946 – 1947. In recognition of the unselfish services ….Times Picayune Journalist.” Original certificate beautifully hand written and drawn.

Le Petit Salon
6. Le Petit Salon Building, 620 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, La. Built in 1830 by Victor David. Colored print 16”x 24”.

7. “Le Petit Salon, A History Of Its Fifty Years, 1924-1974,” (booklet 2 copies).

7a. “Sixty Years of Salon Memories,” by Genevieve Munson Trimble. New Orleans, Louisiana.

8. Current members of the Le Petit Salon, January 1996. Two different snap shots.

9. “Dorothy Dix Paid Tribute at Le Petit Salon Rites. Editor Cites Her ‘Passion’ for Newspaper Work’.” Photo of Mrs. A.B. Dinwiddie, Miss Mary Tebo and Mrs. Stanley Arthur who participated in the ceremony [Times Picayune] nd.

10. “Le Petit Salon to Unveil Oil Portrait of Late Mrs. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix). Times Picayune, November 9, 1952.

11. “Select groups keep tradition on own grounds, Petit Salon off to grand beginning. For more than half a century, members of the Orleans Club and Le Petit Salon have undertaken preservation of this city’s cultural customs from Uptown and French Quarter houses,” by Lily Jackson [Times Picayune] September 8 [no year]

12. Parts of two newspaper articles describing events at the Le Petit Salon. Lists many of the attendants and the programs. One program was a review of Dix’s book How to Win and Hold a Husband. “SOCIETY and ‘A native of Mexico,…’” ns.,nd.

13. “Speech a success for local ladies.” Newspaper article describes the presentation to the Le Petit Salon members on Dorothy Dix by Elnor MacMahan, Professor of Library Administration, and Inga A. Filippo, Associate Professor of Library Administration, Austin Peay State University. Cumberland Life, The Leaf-Chronicle, Sunday, February 4, 1996.