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Newspaper and magazine announcements and one poster

1. “WOMEN’S DUTY TO SERVE UNITED STATES” WAC Recruitment poster using Dorothy Dix Says column format to promote women to join the military, 1944.

2. “DOROTHY DIX tells The Real Truth about Feminine Charm, colorful lacy underthings make you feel so utterly feminine.” Good Housekeeping, July 1930.

3. “Broken Illusions can never be mended says Dorothy Dix…LUX advertisement", ns.,nd.

4. “Dorothy Dix says: Don’t Let Love Die Because Of A Shabby Home.” Furniture business advertisement. New York World-Telegram, Monday, June 29, 1936.

5. “’Courtesy writes all Social Letters by Hand,’ says DOROTHY DIX, adviser to millions.” Parker pen advertisement [Saturday Evening Post] nd.

6. “I can’t imagine a nicer Easter Gift than a Pen like my New Parker, says Dorothy Dix". Saturday Evening Post, April 2, 1938.

7. “DOROTHY DIX. Dorothy Dix talks appear daily on the woman’s page of The Times-Picayune. Read them, for you are sure to find them interesting, human and sympathetic.” Promotional for the Dorothy Dix Talks syndicated column for The Times-Picayune, nd, (from her scrap book).

8. “People with individuality appreciate the individuality of TIME. Which of these famed TIME subscribers reminds you of some friend with individuality who would welcome your Christmas Gift of TIME?" Dix as of one 14 celebrities depicted in an advertisement for special Christmas gift rates of TIME. TIME, the weekly newsmagazine, 350 East 22nd Street, Chicago, Illinois. TIME, December, 1935 (from her scrap book).