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Newspaper articles about Dix’s death includes map of Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans where Dix is buried

1. “Dorothy Dix Dies; Wrote Advice to Lovelorn Over Half-Century. Column Read by 60.000.000 Daily; She Covered Major Murder Cases as Sob-Sister.” New York Herald Tribune, Monday, December 17, 1951.

2. Dorothy Dix (obituary) editorial. New York Herald Tribune, December 18, 1951.

3. Dorothy Dix (obituary) editorial by L.K. Nicholson, President and Editor of The Times-Picayune (son to Eliza Nicholson who hired Dix to work at the Picayune) [December 1951]

4. Obituary notice. Time Magazine, December 24, 1951.

5. “Dorothy Dix Dies; Advisor To Troubled. Mrs. Gilmer Had Reached Age Of 90, Wrote 50 Years.” The Knoxville Journal [Tennessee] December 17, 1951.

6. “Miss Dix and Her Creator Lived Long” [December 1951] ns.

7. Dorothy Dix (obituary) editorial [The Times-Picayune, December 1951]

8. Dorothy Dix (obituary) editorial [The Times-Picayune, December 1951]

9. Dorothy Dix (obituary) by Hermann Deutsch [December 1951] ns.

10. Obituary notice. Newsweek Magazine, nd.

11. “Dorothy Dix Dies, Leaving Memory Of Her Own Tragedy In Real Life.” Greenville Piedmont, S.C., nd.

12. “Dorothy Dix Buried After Private Rites.” Asheville Citizen, December 19, 1951.

13. “Dorothy Dix Dies at 90; Sob Sister of Lovelorn. Spent 55 Years On Heartaches.” New York World Telegram and Sun, Monday, December 17, 1951.

14. “Dorothy Dix, 90, Adviser On Love Problems, Dies. Her Newspaper Career Spans 50 Years” [December 1951] ns.

15. “Dorothy Dix Dead; Counselor on Love. Author of Widely Published Column for 55 years Also Covered Murder Trials.” The New York Times, Monday, December 17 1951.

16. “Columnist Dorothy Dix Dies; Millions Sought Her Advice.” Memphis Commercial Appeal, December 17, 1951.

17. “Famed Columnist Dorothy Dix Dies,” (part of article) ns.,nd.

18. “Dorothy Dix Dies In New Orleans.” The Asheville Citizen, December 17, 1951 (part of article).

19. “Dorothy Dix Dies; Funeral Tomorrow” [December 18, 1951] ns.

20. “Dorothy Dix Expires at 90; Rites Tuesday. Was Known To Millions Through Her Newspaper Column.” The Times-Picayune, December 17, 1951.

21. “Death Writes 30’ For Dorothy Dix” [December 18, 1951] ns.

22. “Dorothy Dix’s Burial In New Orleans Tuesday; 2 Generations Mourn Dorothy Dix.” Atlanta Journal, December 17, 1951.

23. “Dorothy Dix, Confidant, May Have Written ’30,” by Lou Owen. Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, December 18, 1951 (part of an article, photocopy).

24. “Dorothy Dix, Columnist Dies In New Orleans.” Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, December 17, 1951 (photocopy).

25. “Dorothy Dix Memorial Rites Held.” December 28, 1951 ns.

26. “Dorothy Dix, Advisor To Millions, Dies At 90.” The Knoxville Journal, Monday, December 17, 1951.

27. Metairie Cemetery Map where Dix is buried. Lake Lawn Metairie, New Orleans, LA.