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Box 3 - Writings by Dix - column - SUNDAY SALAD

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Newspaper clippings of her first column writing plus the original clipping of a reader’s “apropos” poem of 225 words on the subject of home-made Christmas gifts that Dix discussed in one of her ‘Dorothy Dix Talks’ columns. The clipping is pasted on the back of the second Sunday Salad clipping (copy of clipping in Box V.2, 100).

Newspaper clippings pasted on construction paper of Dix’s first column writing “Sunday Salad.” Each column has generally four separate subject titles and was first published by Times-Picayune on April 6, 1896 under the supervision of Editor Major Burbank.

1. “’Dorothy Dix’ Discourses on the Woman and Money Question; Chivalry as Applied to the Working Woman; The Thankless Task of Shopping for Others; Timely Hints About Summer Literature for Boys, and a Bit of a Story.” Sunday Salad column [Times Picayune, 1896-1897]

2. “’Dorothy Dix’ Contributes Her Portion to Help the Feast; The Crying Baby That Must be Walked to be Quiet; How Bogus Culture Has Driven Simple Music from Homely Homes; The Club Where There Was Tea and Talk, and a Little Tale of Love Told.” Sunday Salad column [Times-Picayune, 1896-1897]

3. “The Christmas Gift Problem,” by a correspondent at Pass Christian, Miss. [Times-Picayune] nd. (copy in box V. 2, 100).