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Box 3 - Writings by Dix - column - DOROTHY DIX

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31 Newspaper articles from the “Dorothy Dix” column. Selections are from several different national newspapers. Source and date stated when available. A few are syndicated publications. Each article is divided into several sub titles. Title scripted as in the original article

1. “On Same Social Footing; Not Always Lucky in Marriage; Life is Series of Compromises.” Advice to wives about how to be happy and married.

2. “Tell Sonny to Be Good; Good Manners Best Letter of Credit; Make Friends of All People.” Advice to a mother, who has to undergo a serious operation, on how to write a code of conduct for her little boy in case she won’t be there to help him.

3. “Child bride tragic figure; Common sense cures jealousy; Monotonous job.”

4. “Children show parents’ aims; Furnish food for scandal; Parents can boast morale.”

5. “Conversation shortage; Much too young for serious love.”

6. “Despite Changed Conditions Brought About by the Economic Situation, a Girl Makes a Mistake in Financing the Boy Friend in the Hope of Gaining or Holding His Love.”

7. “Everybody fears ‘They Say’; One spanking coming up child.”

8. “Girl often helps man propose.” Chicago Times, Thursday January 6, 1944.

9. “Grandmother comes of age; Spanks ‘drinking’ girlfriend.”

10. “Inasmuch as Science Has Not Yet Provided a Love Detector, Young People Will Have to Determine in Their Own Minds Just what Their Feelings Really Are; Spoil the Child and You Spoil the Adult.”

11. “Marriage without Love Is Worse than Remaining Single Always, Especially in these Modern days of Independence.” Public Ledger Co., 1924.

12. “Mothers duty to children.”

13. “Mother Would Do Well to Emulate Dad’s Good Nature after Girl Weds.”

14. “Mothers needed in homes; Hurt his vanity.”

15. “Objects to sitting on curbstone; Second wife has no cause to fret; Husband dips into child’s savings fund.”

16. “Pays tribute to hero mother; She has had the joy of achievement, too; Put off marriage for the duration; Pastor’s wife wants to get an outside job.” Sunday Times, Chicago, September 20, 1942.

17. “Separations-and heartache; Smoothes father’s path.”

18. “Strange soldiers not safe dates; Wife dreads vacation without husband; Kisses show he’s dangerous man; Kiss problem brother good-by.” Sunday Times, Chicago, September 27, 1942.

19. “Treasure In Memories, Rummaging In Past By Elderly Lady Accords Fun And Sorrow.” December 24, 1946.

20. “Why a Child Must Admire its Parents. Husbands and wives who treat each other without respect forget that a child takes its opinion of its father and mother from what they think of each other, and that the shattering of its illusions also shatters its morale.”

21. “Why Are Some Girls Popular While Others, Equally Attractive, Have No Dates?-Why Do Some Men Succeed and Others Fail? - Answer Is Personality, Most Mysterious of Nature’s Forces.”

22. “A Wife Can Make or Break Her Husband, Hence She Has a Greater Responsibility Than She May Seem to Realize.” At the end of the lengthy column Dix writes, “It’s what is in the wife that makes a man succeed just as often as what is in him. What sort of a wife are you?” Signed Dorothy Dix.

23. “A Man’s Prosperity Depends Upon the Kind of Home-Maker His wife Is, but That Depends Upon How Happy He Makes Her,” June 9, 1924, ns.

24. “There Can Be No Happiness in the Lives of Men and Women Who Marry ‘Easy Money’ – They Find it Hardest of All.” Daily Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville, Tenn., June, 13, 1924.

25. “The Forgotten Man Has Had Nation’s Attention Focused on Him, But How About the Forgotten Woman Whose Whole Life Is One Long Sacrifice, But Whose Achievement Is So Unspectacular That We Take It For Granted.” Ashville Citizen, Ashville, N.C., Wednesday, July 31.

26. “Outside Work. Husband Objects To Wife’s Taking On Part-Time Job.” Bell Syndicate Inc., release Monday, January 7, 1952.

27. “Minister’s Wife. Perfect Understanding, Infinite Patience Essential To Her Role.” Bell Syndicate Inc., release Tuesday, January 8, 1952.

28. “Too Many Home Duties. Girl Resents Working Sister’s Freedom.” Bell Syndicate Inc., release January 9, 1952.

29. “Bad Family Background. Generous Woman Would Rehabilitate Girl.” Bell Syndicate Inc., release Thursday, January 10, 1952.

30. “Unreliable Fiancé. Mother Should Let Girl Find Out Fact For Herself.” Bell Syndicate Inc., release Friday, January 11, 1952.

31. ”Mother Thwarts Marriage. Her Actions May Prove To Be Wise Safeguard.” Bell Syndicate Inc., release Saturday, January 12, 1952.