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Box 3 - Writings by Dix - column - DEAR DOROTHY DIX and DEAR MISS DIX

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Newspaper clippings from two of her columns “Dear Dorothy Dix” (1 item) and “Dear Miss Dix.” Both columns are from the syndicated publishing that begun 1923. Titles scripted as in article. Source and date listed when available.

1. “Don’t Counsel Widowed Mother, Dorothy Dix Warns Children.”

2. “Five Characteristics That Married Couples Should Have in Common.” Love, congeniality, determination, sportsmanship and unselfishness. Public Ledger Inc., 1935.

3. “For the Inquisitive.” A woman’s age is her own business, not even her fiancée’s business.

4. “IF YOU PLAY LOVE GAME WITH MARRIED MEN CARDS STACKED AGAINST YOU. Miss Dix Says There Isn’t a Man Who is Worth Girl’s Forfeiting Her Self-Respect and Her Good Name.”

5. “LOVE THIEF IS SURE TO SUFFER FINALLY STATES DOROTHY DIX. Women Who Breaks Others’ Homes Uses Time Needed for Making Her Own and Will Some day Find Herself Miserable and Unmarried.”

6. “MIDDLE-AGED DEFENDED ON OWN MERITS. Maturity Brings Intelligent approach to Life and Its Problems.” Public Ledger.

7. “Only Cure for Jealousy Is Good Hard Common Sense.”

8. “Refuse to Marry Practical Joker, Advice to Woman. People Who Are Most Fond of Making Jokes at Expense of Others Can Never Take a Joke Themselves.” 1937.

9. “Smart Girl Prepares Herself for Life in Social World After Marriage.”

10. “Takes More Than Friendship to Make Success in Business. Woman, Who Says She Is Failure, Told to Stop and Take Stock of Herself by Miss Dix.”

11. “Women Who Were Belles at 20 Never Go Astray at 40. Middle-Aged Women Who Hire Gigolos Are Usually Those Who Married Their First Sweetheart.”

12. “YOUTH WEDS THEN REPENTS. Dorothy Dix Points to Path of Duty for Unloving But Loved Wife.”

13. “---Is Domineering, Call Mother---Advice.”

14. “Dear Miss Dix – This Is My Problem,” by Dorothy Dix. Condensed from Independent Woman by Hildegarde Dolson, published by The National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc., 1819 Broadway, New York 23, N.Y., Independent Woman, January, ’45 (from Dix’ scrap book).