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Box 3 - Writings by Dix – column - DOROTHY DIX ADVISES

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Newspaper clippings of her column. Two-three topics discussed in each column in 1000-1200 words. Source and date listed if available. Each column has the following statement, “Tell your problems to Miss Dix. Send your letters to Dorothy Dix, care Herald and Examiner, Hearst Square, Chicago. The clippings are probably from Dix’s sister Mary who lived in Chicago.” Articles are alphabetically arranged by title.

1. “Being a Woman; Complicated Job; Men Not Handicapped,” 1936.

2. “Dividing the Work; Old Ideal Fair; Too Much Bargaining,” 1936.

3. “Happy Marriages; The Good Old days; Wife Husband’s Equal,” 1937.

4. “Making a Real Home; Love Is First Element; Teamwork Counts,” 1936.

5. “Reason For Gratitude; If a Wife Understood; A High Compliment,” 1936.

6. “Same Old World; Work Brings Success; Marriage,” 1936.

7. “Spoiled Children; Life Hard For Them; Mothers to Blame,” 1937.

8. “What Mother Wants; Handicapped Daughters; Beaux Flee,” 1936.