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Box 3 - Writings by Dix - column - MATRIMONY AND HORSE SENSE

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Newspaper clippings of the articles Dix wrote while working at the New York Journal which later appeared in her syndicated publishing. The articles are framed with either a photo of the young or the older Dix. Her grandfather’s belief in “good breeding” among animals, and as well among humans, much impressed her.

1. “How Can a Man Tell if His Fiancee Really Loves Him/-Foolish Widow Would Take Old Man to Support Without Even His Love in Return,” by Dorothy Dix, ns., nd.

2. “Why Do Parents Think Their Married Daughters Know More than Their Single Ones?-Why Boys Like girls-Once-Wealthy Father Whose Children Abuse Him,” by Dorothy Dix, ns., nd. (2 copies, one from Dix’ scrap book).