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Box 3 - Writings by Dix - guest writer

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Dix tells the story of the horses at Woodstock and of the bronze statue of General Johnston on his horse, given to him by Dix’s grandfather Charles Nicholas Minor Meriwether, that surmounts the Tomb of the Army of Tennessee in Metairie Cemetery at New Orleans.

1. Guest writer for the Nashville Banner in the column “Speaking of Horses,” by Gilbert M. Orr [December 14, 1942]

2. Foreword by Dix to the book Sonny Boy’s Day at the Zoo, by Ella Bentley Arthur (Dix’ secretary). Illustrations by her husband Stanley Clisby Arthur. The book was written while Dix worked in New York for the Evening Journal. Photo copy of book and foreword (book on order) New York, The Century Co., 1913.