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Box 3 - Writings by Dix - MAGAZINE ARTICLES

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Selected articles written by Dix for different magazines between the years 1905-1945. Titles scripted as in articles.

1. “Mother Confessor to Millions, and America’s best-loved newspaper-woman, is New Orleans’ own Elizabeth Gilmer. This May marks the golden anniversary of her column which she first wrote for the Picayune,” by Dorothy Dix. The Times-Picayune New Orleans State Magazine, sample copy of a forth coming issue [1944]

2. “The Lady of the Taj, the romance of the Indian queen whose husband, the mogul emperor Shah Jehan, immortalized her with the most splendid shrine ever erected in memory of the dead,” by Dorothy Dix. Munsey’s Magazine, p. 242-248, nd. Dix’s scrap book copy of article on back of item III.13, 16.

3. “And So You are in Love!” by Dorothy Dix. Ladie’s Home Journal, January 1932.

4. “So You are Getting a Divorce!” by Dorothy Dix. Ladies Home Journal, March 1932.

5. “And So You are a Mother!...” by Dorothy Dix. Ladie’s Home Journal [October 1933]

6. “Dorothy Dix on Marriage, What Applied in 1905, Still Applies,” by Dorothy Dix. Ottawa Weekly Republic, February 23, 1905, p. 9, column 1.

7. “And So You are Married!” by Dorothy Dix. Ladie’s Home Journal, February 1932

8. “Dear Miss Dix-This Is My Problem, People tell me things because they know I’m interested and won’t be shocked,” by Dorothy Dix. Condensed from Independent Woman by Hildegarde Dolson. The Reader’s Digest, February 1945 (from her scrap book).