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Box 3 - Writings by Dix – series - MIRANDY

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Bibliographic information, handwritten in pencil on cards, of the newspaper articles stored in folder III. 19.

The newspaper clippings of the Mirandy articles appeared in newspapers and magazines across the United States and in Great Britain. These articles were mostly published between 1905 and 1911.

The original articles are in folder III. 19. Photocopies of the articles are in folder 19a, and bibliographic records in folder 19b.

The writings expressed in the articles are in Negro dialect, their brand of “folk-wisdom,” which might be seen today as demeaning to blacks, but in their day the Mirandy stories were popular enough to be regular features in such magazines as Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan. The Mirandy stories were compiled into two volumes; the first in 1914 and the second in 1925.

The stories are exceptionally well illustrated with drawings by Gus Mager, Merle Johnson, E.W. Kemble, and H.B. Marlin (H.B.M.).