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Box 4 - Writings on the Dix biography - The Story of a Compassionate Woman - reviews and comments

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Newspaper clippings of reviews and comments on the book The Story of a Compassionate Woman, by Harnett T. Kane with Ella Bentley Arthur. Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1952.

1. “Dear Dorothy Dix…Her Word Was Law to Lovelorn,” by Herma Clark, October 19, 1952, ns.

2. “Post Card,” by George Fuerman. Houston Post, Wednesday, October 22, 1952.

3. “A Labor of Love. Dix Story His Best, Author Thinks,” by Frank Daniel [Atlanta Journal, 1952]

4. “Career of Dorothy Dix Told by One Who Knew Her,” by Pauline C. Coad, ns., nd.

5. “The Charlotte Scene. ‘Lovelorn: In the old days…’,” by Tom Fesperman. The Charlotte News, November 23 [no year]

6. “Kane’s Dear Dorothy Dix Brings Warmth, Life To Legendary Figure,” by Cecilia Fickling. The Independent, St. Petersburg, Florida, Tuesday January 13, 1953.

7. “About Town With Penelope Pepys.” The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, October 26, 1952.

8. “Persistence Lagniappe, …makes for grand reading,” by Thomas Griffin.

9. “Saturday Book Report—The Readers Wanted To Know: Dorothy Informed Them,” by Robert Richards, ns., nd.

10. “Life of Dorothy Dix.” Cleveland, Ohio Press, October 21, 1952.

11. “Dear Dorothy Is One Of Ten Best Biographies says Hutchens at the New York Herald Tribune," ns., nd.

12. “Struggle of Dorothy Dix Up Ladder Of Journalism Told by Harnett Kane.” Shreveport Louisiana Times, October 19, 1952.

13. “In Review: Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman,” by Gertrude Carruth, ns., nd.

14. “Kane’s Dear Dorothy Dix, Reviewed By Lady Stahl.” The Monroe (LA) News-Star, nd.

15. “Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman.” Michigan City, Ind. News Dispatch, October 23, 1952.

16. “Mississippi Journalist Was Real Friend To Dorothy Dix.” Three photos of Kane, Dix and Pass Christian house. The Clarion Ledger, Jackson, Miss., November 30, 1052.

17. “True Story of Dorothy Dix Tops Legendary, says Kane. Authors Honored at Party Marking New Book.” Photo of relatives and friends. Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La., October 13, 1952.

18. “Dorothy Dix Adopted This State.” The News and O----, Raleigh, N.C., Sunday Morning November 9, 1952.

19. “The Story of Dorothy Dix: The Woman, the Institution,” by Betty Miles, ns., nd.

20. “Dorothy Dix Had Woes But Story Ends Happily,” by Charleen McClain. The Daily Times Herald, October 19, 1952 (2 copies).

21. “Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman.” Texas Press, Houston, October 17, 1952.

22. “Harnett T. Kane’s Dear Dorothy Dix Entertaining Episode of U.S. History,” by Wilbur Martin. Texas Chronicle, Houston, October 26, 1952.

23. “Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman; by Harnett T. Kane” [Houston Press, October 26, 1952]

24. “Dear Dorothy Dix, by Harnett T. Kane.” The New Yorker, nd.

25. “But Mother Confessor To All. Dorothy Dix Had Her Own Problems To Worry About,” by I.C.N. San Angelo Texas Standard Times, November 9, 1952.

26. “Dealing with a warmhearted woman…,” by Michel Leigh, ns., nd.

27. “The Lady Who Knew All the Answers,” by Helen Arthur. Herald Tribune Book Review, October 26, 1952.

28. “Dix Biography Tells Career, Touches Private Life Lightly,” by James A. Wobbe. New Orleans Stern, November 11, 1952.

29. “Dear Dorothy Dix, by Harnett T. Kane.” St. Louis Globe-Democrat, October 19, 1952.

30. “Tormented Man Viewed By Public,” by M.McK.A. The Charlotte (NC) News, November 15, 1952.

31. “Story Of Dorothy Dix Newest Work Of Harnett Kane; Author Coming Here,” by Jean T. Selby. Photos of Kane and Dix. The Sunday Post-Herald, Vicksburg, Miss., October 12, 1952.

32. “Dear Dorothy Dix Story of a Compassionate Woman.” Alexandria Daily Town Talk, Alexandria, LA., October 17, 1952.

33. “Dorothy Dix, Oracle Of This Century,” by Ralph Page. The Houston Post, October 19, 1952