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Box 4 - Writings on the Dix biography – Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman - advertisements

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Newspaper clippings of advertisements for the book Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman, by Harnett T. Kane with Ella Bentley Arthur. Doubleday & Company Inc., 1952.

1. Advertisement of Dear Dorothy Dix as one of twelve books suggested for Christmas presents. Boston Post, Mass., November 30, 1952.

2. “Dear Dorothy Dix…Biography of a woman who, knowing great tragedy in her own life brought helps to the lives of thousands.” New York Herald Tribune, N. Y., December 7, 1952.

3. “Dear Dorothy Dix. Inspiring story of a great American woman—the crime Reporter who became ‘mother confessor’ to a nation,” ns., nd.

4. “Dorothy Dix’s Real Story…counselor for 60,000,000 Americans…,” ns., nd.

5. “This Month, NON-FICTION featuring the American scene in folklore, biography (Washington and Lincoln, art (Currier & Ives), history (‘The Big Change’). Dear Dorothy Dix,” ns., nd.

6. “Meet the mother confessor to a nation, Dorothy Dix. Full page ad planned for Sunday book review supplements for ‘Dear Dorothy Dix,’ a biography of the late columnist by Harnett T. Kane, to be published by Doubleday.” Publisher’s Weekly, New York, N.Y., nd.

7. “Meet one of the great women of this century…Dorothy Dix.” Herald Tribune, November 10 [1952]

8. “Great Reading Entertainment! Millions read her famous column; few knew the compassionate woman-and the fabulous career-behind it. Just published.” Herald Tribune Book Review, October 26, 1952.

9. “Dix Biography Touches Private [Lives]” by James A. Wobbe. Times Picayune, November 21 [1952]

10. “Dix Biography Tells Career, Touches Private Life lightly,” by James A. Wobbe, New Orleans, LA., November 2, 1952.