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Box 4 - Writings on the Dix biography – Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman - general

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Newspaper clippings of Dear Dorothy Dix: The Story of a Compassionate Woman, by Harnett T. Kane with Ella Bentley Arthur. Doubleday & Company Inc., 1952.

1. “Author Tells of Dorothy Dix’s Past,” by Helen Lawton. The Courier Journal, Louisville, November 2, 1952 (2 copies).

2. “On the Books-On an Author,” by John K. Hutchens. New York Herald Tribune, N.Y., February 10, 1952.

3. “Reading Glass Friends Answer the Question.” Boston Post, Mass., November 30, 1952.

4. “Harnett Kane, New Orleans Author of best sellers quips with Dallas friend, Charleen McClain, editor of Holland’s Magazine…” Dallas Times Herald, October 26, 1952.

5. “Quote-Unquote.” New York Times, N.Y., October 12, 1952.

6. “Bookstall Gossip.” Boston Post, Mass., March 2, 1952.

7. “Harnett T. Kane will autograph copies of Dear Dorothy Dix,” ns.,nd.

8. “Broadway…New Orleans writer Harnett T. Kane…Dorothy Dix who gave him his start when he was a Tulane student,” by Danton Walker. Daily News, February 13, 1952.

9. “Off the Cuff,” by John K. Hutchens Reports. Herald Tribune Book Review, November 23, 1952.