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Box 5 - Writings on Dix’s works - by journalists and readers - short quotes

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Quotes (short) by newspaper journalists and readers

1. Sampling of newspaper quotes by journalists from across the United States and Canada.


“We consider Dorothy Dix the best women’s feature ever published in the Border Cities Star.” H.A.Graybiel, WINDSOR BORDER CITIES STAR.

“Dorothy Dix writes about life with sympathy and understanding. She is remarkably consistent in her appeal to both men and women.” C.A.M. Vining, LONDON (ONTARIO) ADVERTISER.

“The Dorothy Dix Service is the best thing of its kind that we know of. Women, girls, and men read it.” Chas. B. Dingman, STRATFORD BEACON HERALD.

“Everybody reads Dorothy Dix because she writes about the world’s mightiest force, love, and does it in a way that entertains, enlightens and educates. After years in the columns of the Times Journal, that of Dorothy Dix is still its leading popular feature.” ST. THOMAS TIMES JOURNAL.

“There is no substitute for Dorothy Dix; she is queen of her field.” GREENVILLE NEWS.

“The de luxe feature of the metropolitan as well as the country newspaper. It is the greatest circulation builder known.” TAMPA MORNING TRUBUNE.

“Dorothy Dix has built up in this community a following who daily await her articles with real interest. We consider the Lexington Herald a better and more interesting paper for having this service.” LEXINGTON HERALD.

“Best feature of its kind in America,” Paul Bellamy, CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER.

“The best woman’s feature published.” W.H.B. Fowler, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.