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Box 6 - Travel diaries, autograph book and scrap books

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Dated diaries by Dix. All items have been transcribed.

1. E.M. Gilmer/Yokohama/October 17, 1919. “I will come back with memories of opal seas and sapphire skies a thousand winds upon my lips a thousand strangers in your eyes I will come back with pregnant tales of glamour of an alien land.” (Last entry February 19, “Calcutta on 22”).

2. Travel: 1920, February 22. Arrived at Calcutta…April 11, went to Neuva Elyra, (New Realia), Cylon.

3. “The old people of Takasago.” June 14, 1922 sailed on the French Line ‘Paris’ for Havre…October 4, sailed on ‘New Amsterdam’ from Plymouth for New York, landed in New York on October 16.

4. “A thousand thanks ‘Dearest.’” September 11, 1924, left Bordeaux on the Figwig and arrived at Casablanca a few days later…Carthage November 5, 6, 7 [does not cover the trip from beginning to end]

5. “For to admire, and for to see For to behold the world so wide It never done no good to me But I cant help it if I tried. Dorothy Dix, January 14, 1917.” Trip to the Far East with her husband George.

6. “South Sea Islands-New Zealand/Australia etc., May 27, 1931. E.M. Gilmer 6334 Prytania st. New Orleans, La. July 10, 1933-September 18, 1933 trip to South America on the Southern Prince (Furmen Line).” A poem to Dorothy Dix by Ada H. Aiken is pasted on the inside of the back cover. “The Autumn skies more brightly glow And richer tints the garden show some charm is on them well we know For Dorothy’s come home. Full many a foreign land and race Now yearns to know again the grace The blessing of her shining face Now Dorothy’s come home. But here with lightsome hearts and gay we gladly greet this happy day. Yet one and all we fondly pray Dear Dorothy don’t roam Stay home!”

7. “MY FOREIGN TRIP” inscribed on the cover in gold. May 29-August 28, 1924. European and Scandinavian trip. “Stockholm is the most beautiful city I have ever seen,” Dorothy Dix.

8. “Dorothy Dix, Her Book Being the veracious account of her trip during the Summer of 1926.” Continental European travels.

9. “I know not when I go to the land of my dream what my fortune shall be! Whether I shall find the joy and charm that I seek, in the sorrow that seeketh for me” E.M. Gilmer June 16, 1928.” Returned October 1, 1928 from the round the world tour.