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Newspaper clippings and a 2500 word typed and signed biography of Dorothy Dix by her nephew Huntington Patch. Article titles listed as in script.

1. “Dear Dorothy Dix,” by Huntington Patch, 2569 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, nd. (2 copies).

2. “Dorothy Dix – Director…Times Picayune Publishing Company…because of her newspaper knowledge and judgment," ns.,nd.

3. “Dorothy Dix-Here’s a distinguished newcomer to TIMES [Chicago’s Picture Newspaper] readers!” nd.

4. “United States Patent Office,” patent renewal document of her trade-mark Dorothy Dix, registered Mar. 13, 1917.” Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D.C., 19th day of July, 1916.

5. [Queen of Heartaches] by John B. Kennedy. Collier’s, Jan. 3, 1931

6. “Martha’s Cookbook Self-educated woman earned high regards in New York for writing about Southern cooking…Smack Collins, does this remind you of another Montgomery County girl, Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer.” The Leaf-Chronicle Cumberland Lore, Wednesday, July 31, 2002.

7. “What the People Say,” by Albert Morwitz. Readers are invited to submit letters up to 75 words on current topics; in defense of Dix criticism; four readers, ns.,nd.

8. “She’ll Be 80 Tomorrow, but It’s Just a Ripe Young Age for ‘Mother Confessor to Millions’” by Alice Hammann, special correspondent of the Globe-Democrat. St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Friday, November 17, 1950. A letter from Mr. Lansing Ray, chairman of the Board and Publisher of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, accompanies the clipping. The announcement should have said 89 instead of 80, Dix was born in 1861.

9. “Dorothy Dix On Love,” ns.,nd.

10. “Dorothy Dix,” by John Willliam Rogers. Views and Previews. The Daily Times Herald, Dallas, Sunday, December 18, 1949.

11. “She Was Read by Millions, her Byline Was Dorothy Dix,” by Stella Pitts. (Editor’s note: The following article is one in a series of portraits of memorable women prominent in the history of New Orleans.) The Times-Picayune, March 21, 1976.

12. “Outstanding Women of N.O.: Can You Recall Their Names?” by Stella Pitts. The Times-Picayune, December 26, 1976.

13. “DOROTHY DIX TALK ON CHURCH PROGRAM.” The Times Picayune, September 17, 1927 (2 copies).

14. “Dorothy Dix – I should like to pay a little tribute to a very noble woman…,” by George Matthew Adams. The Post-Star, Monday, December 23, 1929 (2 copies).

15. “Dorothy Dix: Phases Of Her Life.” (Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of articles on the life of one of the world’s greatest personalities…taken from the book, "Dear Dorothy Dix,"…by Harnett T. Kane.) Includes 5 photos of Dix at different times in her life. The Times-Picayune, November 23, 1952.

16. “Dorothy Dix, wise young woman…and Dorothy Dix is the best reporter living…,” by Arthur Brisbane. Herald Examiner, nd. [parts of two different articles]

17. “Dorothy Dix Talks,” by Hermann B. Deutsch. Saturday Evening Post, July 10, 1937, pp. 16, 17, 62-65 (4 copies in II.1, 5).

18. “The Mother Confessor,” by Clayton Rand. The Times-Picayune, Wednesday, January 2, 1952.

19. “Dorothy Dix; An Early Feminist Writer,” by Vicky Gates McCoy. The Leaf-Chronicle, Cumberland Lore, September 1989.

20. “Dorothy Dix,” by Mortimer Kreeger. The Associated Press, Sketch # 3284.

21. “Forty Years Of Dorothy Dix,” by Meigs O. Frost. The Times-Picayune, 1936 [Sunday issue] nd.

22. “Faulkner, O. Henry were among reporters. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer,” by Marjorie Roehl. The Times-Picayune, Sunday, January 25, 1987. Special 150 years remembering.

23. “Dorothy Dix Her Dramatic Life Story,” by The Times-Picayune, July 6 – 11, 12, 1936. Six ‘chapters’ of her life story printed as a preliminary to her forthcoming daily articles in the HERALD AND EXAMINER.

24. “THE DOROTHY DIX I KNOW,” by Richard Duffy. Article has a note from Bess saying she read it in the tonight’s Star and thought Dix would like a copy, nd. (photo copy).