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Box 7 - Newspaper career - editorials on Dix’ writings

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Newspaper clippings of editorials written about Dix and her work. Includes one by W.R. Hearst (#7). Contains items from her scrap book.

1. “Dorothy Dix ‘Better be damned, than mentioned not at all.’” Editorial about Dix’s support to soldiers while at Camp Shelby. The Camp Shelby Reveille. Newspaper distributed every Wednesday without cost to the officers and men at Camp Shelby.

2. “NOTAS EDITORIALES DOROTHY DIX,” ns., nd. (in Spanish).

3. “MY GREAT MOMENT.” Editorial by George H. Evans, The Chikasha Daily Express, nd. The editor describes meeting Dix in a receiving line and asked to kiss her? “She put up her cheek, and I did.” A newspaper writer who deeply admired Dix and her work as a newspaper woman (from her scrap book).

4. “Dorothy Dix Leaving New Orleans,” by the editor of The New Orleans Item [1908] Tells about Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer making their permanent home in New York which is an unwelcomed announcement to the New Orleans. There are two additional articles on the scrap book page; “Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmer – A Well Deserved Tribute to One of Clarksville’s Literary Women,” and “Dorothy Dix…The NEWS took a poll and its readers declared that Dorothy Dix won hands down,”ns.,nd. (from her scrap book).

5. “Dorothy Dix…Georgia delightfully honored by the visit of that lovable lady and distinguished journalist, Dorothy Dix---the feted guest …at a dinner given by the University of Athens, and there delivered the opening address at the 1935 State Press Institute.” Atlanta Journal [1935] (from her scrap book) 2 copies.

6. “The Newspaper Woman Is a Success---Great and Unqualified---Did any man make quicker or more decided success in newspaper work than Dorothy Dix?” By Arthur Brisbane. Editorial page of The New York Evening Journal, Saturday, August 16, 1902 (from her scrap book).

7. “The Fun That Women Have in This World. Miss Dorothy Dix Missed the Best Possible Kind of Fun. One of the cleverest of all women that write in America is Dorothy Dix,” by William Randolph Hearst. The New York Evening Journal, Tuesday, September 1, 1903 (original in her scrap book).

8. “FEATURE STORY, DOROTHY DIX LETTERS, OTHER TOPICS.” The Chicago Daily News, Saturday, December 28, 1929.