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General information about Dix’s work, presentations etc., newspaper clippings and clippings from her scrap book.

1. “Decades of Dix.” Time, April 20, 1936 (2 copies).

2. “Miss Dix – When Arthur Brisbane died, he was reported to have a circle of 25,000,000 readers…No. 2 in the number of readers is Dorothy Dix.” The Literary Digest, v. 123 April 17, 1937.

3. “New Orleans, in seeking out its first citizen…chooses Dorothy Dix.” Houston Texas Post Dispatch, nd.

4. “Is there a Real Dorothy Dix? Yes…,” ns.,nd.

5. “Life Goes Calling on Dorothy Dix – Lovelorns’ No. 1 adviser lives in New Orleans.” Photos of Dix’s home on Prytania, and photo of mailman delivering mail to Dix’s home.


7. ”A century of advice. Long before Miss Manners and twins Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers were even born, Dorothy Dix was advising America’s unhappy, confused and isolated…Her advice began 100 years ago on July 11, 1896, in The New Orleans Picayune…” U.S. News & World Report, July 8, 1996.

8. “Dorothy Dix - First Draft of Dear Dorothy Dix,” ns., nd.

9. “Dorothy Dix, to many people, is only a name. Some think she’s a he…,” by Virginia Safford, New Orleans, Tuesday, February 18, 1941, ns.

10. “Dorothy Dix Really Interested Readers.” Up and Down the Street, by the Want-Ad Reporter, The Times-Picayune, March 22, 1952.

11. “Dorothy Dix…started compiling births and deaths for The New Orleans Daily Picayune for $6.00 a week…” The Times –Picayune, January 12, 1951.

12. ”Today On The Union Pacific…they are told that Nellie Bly was the best reporter of her day and Dorothy Dix is the best reporter living…,” by Arthur Brisbane. Baltimore American, February 22, 1927.

13. “Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix),” by Whitney R. Mundt. Dictionary of Literary Biography, v. 29 p. 113-120.

14. “Columnists On Parade IV Dale Carnegie,” by Margaret Marshall. The Nation, March 19, 1938, p. 325.

15. “Columnists On Parade,” by Margaret Marshall. “McIntyre, who has just died, had the widest circulation of all with the possible exception of Dorothy Dix, who is an exception any way you look at it. (She is a real person and has been advising the lovelorn since the nineties.) The Nation, February 26, 1938, p. 246.

16. Australia’s own Dorothy Dix is Mary Marlowe. Manly Daily (Australia), June 1, 2003; June 25, 2003; June 28, 2003. Dix mentioned in three separate Nationwide News Pty Limited articles about Marlowe.

17. Who’s Who? Answers to Who’s Who? 11 famous people’s names matched with their pen names, Dix among others. Collier’s, October 20, 1945.

18. “Dear Miss Dix …last week when Dorothy Dix turned 50, her creator was a lively 75. Both were still going strong. ” Brief overview of her career coupled with a good photo of her at “75,” ns., nd.

19. “CLOSE-UPS, Mother Confessor,” Brief overview of her life and newspaper career. THE NEW ORLEAN, nd. (one page, part of an article).

20. “Throng Listens Spellbound To Address of Dorothy Dix,” by O.B. Keller. Dix’s speech at the opening of the Georgia Press Conference, University of Georgia, Athens. Athens, GA, Feb. 21, 1935 (from her scrap book).

21. “Brilliant Group Opens Georgia’s Press Institute – Overflow Throng Attends Talks by Dorothy Dix and Robert Ripley,” by Walter Paschall, [Atlanta] Journal staff correspondent. Athens, GA., Feb., 21, 1935 (from her scrap book).

22. “The World’s Greatest Expert On Human Relations! Dorothy Dix – She has solved problems of a million unhappy people! Write to he…and let her solve your problem! Dorothy Dix has more than sixty million readers in five continents. Her entertaining column appears every day in the Daily News Index,” ns.,nd. (from her scrap book).

23. “First Lady of the South.” The Times-Picayune New Orleans States, Sunday, October 26, 1941 (from her scrap book).

24. “Dorothy Dix Greeted Here By Barrage of Questions,” by J.S. Pope. Photo with text Atlanta [Journal] GA, Feb., 20, 1935] (from her scrap book).

25. “Dorothy Dix Recalls Start – Dorothy Dix, One of the Picayune’s Most Brilliant ‘Alumne.’” Tells about her serving as the editor of the women’s department of the Picayune deom 1896 to 1901, and contributed a series of articles called ‘Dorothy Dix Talks.’” The Times-Picayune, January 25, 1937 (from her scrap book).

26. Six articles on the same scrap book page. 1,“Dorothy Dix Director – a great woman to the directorate of a great journal,…The Times-Picayune feels that in securing Dorothy Dix’s cooperation in this new direction it has made, if the expression may be transferred from news to personnel, a very important journalistic ‘scoop,’” ns.,nd. 2, “Dorothy Dix Returns…from South America,” ns.,nd. 3, “Dorothy Dix Honored by Filipino Women,” by Walter Robb. Special Cable. To The Chicago Daily News Foreign Service. Copyright, 1931, The Chicago Daily News, Inc. 4, “Dorothy Dix’s Guests,” her sister Mary from Chicago and family visiting Dix in New Orleans, ns.,nd. 5, “Writer Honored,” at the Le Petit Salon, ns.,nd. 6, untitled article about Dix being the “smartest and best female reporter except perhaps Nelly Bly until she turned from great reporting to biological philosophy,” ns.,nd. (from her scrap book).

27. “31 Comics Among 62 Features Surviving Since Before 1920 – Amazing number of Old-timers Still Popular…,” by Robert U. Brown. Editor & Publisher, March 19, 1939. Dix the oldest of the 62 (from her scrap book).

28. “As ‘Dorothy Dix’ Gives Graphic account of the Manner in Which She Entered the Newspaper Field.” [Chicago Sun] September 23, 1906 (from her scrap book).

29. “Decades of Dix.” Time, April 20 1936 (from her scrap book).

30. “Dorothy Dix – The Lady of the Understanding Heart,” head line on the front cover. McCall’s, January 1930 (from her scrap book).

31. “In this issue – Dorothy Dix,” head line on the front cover. Woman’s Day, May 1938 (from her scrap book).

32. “Columnist influenced generation.” Bicentennial Profile, Tennessee 200 Bicentennial Celebration 1796-1996. The Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville, Tenn., Monday, March 4, 1996.

33. “Dorothy Dix says: ‘Don’t Let Love Die Because Of A Shabby Home,’” ns.,nd. (from her scrap book).

34. “Nellie Bly, ablest American newspaper woman excepting perhaps Dorothy Dix, went around the world…,” part of an article, ns.,nd.