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Box 7 - Newspaper career - drawings used in Dix publications

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Newspaper and magazine interview articles with Dix on all matters. Titles noted as in script.

1. “Dorothy Dix, Sherwood Anderson and Grace King Tell Everything About This Business of Writing.” The Times-Picayune, Sunday, March 14, 1926.

2. “Bob Davis Interviews Dorothy Dix.” Absolute Low-Down on the Longings of the Lovelorn. The Club Candle, December 1935.

3. “Dorothy Dix: Chronicler of the ‘Human Comedy’ and Tragedy.” An interview by G. William Nott. New Orleans Life, May 1925.

4. “Dorothy Dix Thinks Hitler Wants To Conquer U.S” [Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville, Tennessee] nd.

5. “Dorothy Dix – Dear Dorothy Dix,” by Hermann Deutsch, ns., nd.

6. “Dorothy – Plantation – Riding Thoroughbreds and Being ‘Tomboy’ Her delights. Delighted To Read – Always Had Number of Men Admirers,” by Frances C. Faulkner. Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of articles about Dorothy Dix, widely read columnist, whose letters appear daily on the woman’s page of the Time-Star. The articles follow a recent visit by Faulkner, editor of the women’s club pages to the New Orleans home of Dorothy Dix, ns.,nd..

7. “Penny Jr. Learns the Lowdown On Life From Dorothy Dix. Woman Sage, A Counselor For 50 Years. ‘Common Sense’, Her Idea--Puts Little Faith In Modern Complexes,” by Penny Jr. The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Sunday Morning, February 6, 1949.

8. “New Orleans – Louisiana has two citizens who distance everyone else in the Pelican state in influence,” by The Skipper. The Tiny TIMES, nd.

9. “Dorothy Dix Talks,” to Hermann B. Deutsch. Saturday Evening Post, July 10, 1937.

10. “’Women Enter More Lightly Into Matrimony Than Men Dorothy Dix Says at Picnic.’ Famed Newspaper Columnist Lauds Jump off Park Setting,” in Hendersonville, Western North Carolina, ns., nd.

11. “Dorothy Dix Acts as Own Book Critic – Anticipates ‘Platitudinous’ Sneers at ‘Her Volume’ and Makes Retort in Advance – Back From Trip Abroad,” [New Orleans Picayune] vol. 125, n. 279.

12. “Wiser To Wait For Soldier Than Marry Now Warns Dorothy Dix – War Weddings Are Form Of Hysteria, Lovelorn Adviser Adds – Unions Bring Heartaches And Not Happiness As General Rule,” by Mary Scales. THE LOGAN BANNER, Logan, W. Va, Tuesday, April 7, 1942.

13. Mrs. Gilmer is asked about her thoughts on the novel “Gone With the Wind,” among other things. She says it is simply a wonderful, magnificent story and that the author told about conditions in the Old South in Civil War Days that were facts. She can remember almost back that far and she knows the story records some of the true conditions, ns., nd. (part of an article).

14. “Lovelorn Adviser Gets Tired after 40 Years,” by Ernie Pyle [New Orleans Life] nd.

15. “Impossible interview – Dorothy Dix versus Peggy Hopkins Joyce,” by John Riddel. Vanity Fair, June 1935 (from her scrap book).

16. “Oracle Of The Lovelorn Is One Grand Old Girl,” by Ernie Pyle. New Orleans Life, nd.

17. “Dorothy Dix Recalls Builder of Paper – Depicts ‘Pearl Rivers’ to Latter’s Granddaughter on Birthday Eve,” by Eleanor Nicholson. Times-Picayune, January 24, 1943.

18. “A PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH DOROTHY DIX,” by Mary H. Phifer. Nashville Banner, Nashville, TN [May 30, 1930 or1931] 2 copies.

19. Celebration of Dix’s Picayune employment 40 years ago, 1896-1936. “SHOP TALK AT THIRTY,” by Marlen Pew. Editor & Publisher, April 11, 1936.