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Box 7 - Newspaper career - student journalism award established by Dix

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Newspaper clippings of articles about the winners of the Dix Awards, for the best human interest stories. The annual award was established in March 1928 by Mrs. George Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) for exceptional journalism students at Tulane University.

1. “20th Story Contest Nears.” Samuel Lang and Prof. George E. Simmons…” The Times-Picayune- States, Sunday, April 25, 1948.

2. “Co-ed Wins Dix Essay Prize. Diane M. Farrell to Get ’48 Award.” The Times-Picayune- States, May 16, 1948.

3. “Minor Wins Dix Feature Award. Tulane Senior’s Story of a Mother Adjudged Best in Annual Contest.” Title of story is “I called on Elsie Johnson,” Times-Picayune, May 16, 1943.

4. “Dorothy Dix Prize Stories – One hundred dollars is given each year by Dorothy Dix…department of journalism at Tulane University…Times-Picayune has endowed a chair of journalism in the university for ten years,” ns.,nd.

5. “Award for Journalism.” Dorothy Dix extends a friendly, helpful hand to students in the Tulane School of Journalism by giving an annual award for the best human interest story submitted during each year’s course [Times-Picayune-States] nd.

6. “Dorothy Dix Journalism Prize Awarded- $100 Award Captured by Luba Bersadsky, Newcomb.” An interview with a blind broom peddler earned her the award given annually by Dorothy Dix (Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer). Times-Picayune, May 18, 1941.