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Box 7 - Newspaper career - staff

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Newspaper and magazine clippings and one typed written piece

1. “Mother Frowns on Daughter’s Desire to Learn Domestic Arts,” by Muriel Nissen (Dix’s associate advisor). Tampa Daily Times, Tuesday, October 14, 1952, (2 copies).

2. “The Seventh Heaven,” poem by Ella Bentley Arthur, nd.

3. “Mrs. Arthur, her devoted chief secretary for 13 years, has learned to simulate Dorothy Dix’s admonitions and answers the bulk of the mail for her approval,” ns.,nd.

4. “Clare Gold a cousin of Mrs. C. E. Meriwether, who worked with ‘Lig’ over the years.” A. Huntington Patch, attachment to a letter, to the APSU head librarian Miss Johnny Givens, December 10, 1969.

5. Milly (no printed information) Dix’s cook whom she brought with her to New York. It is said that Milly’s son studied to become a physician in New York.

6. Arthur Brisbane, 1864-1936. Brief biographical sketch of Dix’s supervisor while employed at the New York Evening Journal 1901-1916. Sketch includes the monument in memory of Arthur Brisbane located in Central Park, New York City, New York. The Central Park Collection, April 26, 2004. http://centralpark2000.com/database/brisbane.html(!)