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Box 8 - Correspondence - letters from/about colleagues

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Letters from colleagues

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1. Robert Kemp, 552 4th Avenue, February 14, 1950. Troy, New York.

2. George. Ledger Syndicate, Independence Square, Philadelphia, PA. June 13, 1941.

“During Major Miner’s vacation in his beloved Ohio I have been editing your copy. I have just finished the batch which arrived today. No clumsy head I place on these articles…”

3. John C. Shaffer, 211 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois. Editor and Publisher of Chicago Evening Post, Indianapolis Star, Terre Haute Star, Muncie Star. September 27th, 1930.

“My dear Friend: Your favor of the 20th was duly received and I have kept it near me ever since, reading it now and then, because it has been a tonic to me. I can imagine when your father entered into the Golden Gate….”

4. John C. Shaffer 1858-1943. A newspaper note announcing Dix’s editorial on John C. Shaffer, ns.,nd.

5. “A Friend Is Gone,” by Dorothy Dix (Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer) New Orleans, La., Oct. 6 [1943, Times-Picayune] editorial on the death of John C. Shaffer.

6. Ulanvill Goddard, September 25, 1936. The American Weekly, Sunday Feature Supplement of Hearst Sunday Newspapers, Editorial Department, 235 East 45th Street, New York. Letter of thanks.

7. “Introducing Miss Dorothy Dix.” Letter from a travel bureau at Via Sistina 59 Roma, Italy to Mrs. Mary Riolo, Napoli advising a very well known American “wom de plume,” and a friend of Major Dinkens, who asks “to pay particular attention to Miss Dix..” Rome, Feb 6th, 1928.

8. Letter to Ada Pattersson, 42 West 72nd Street, New York, New York from “Ever thine, Bob, office of executive board, The Sun. New York, October 23, 1933. “I wish I could see Dorothy Dix as often as you do. She is a rare and lovely woman, the like of which is not upon this earth.” “For Dorothy” handwritten in pencil in upper left corner. Letter on The Sun stationary.