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Box 8 - Correspondence - letters from readers

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Selected letters from readers.

1. M.J. Barris, Drumright, Oklahoma, May 20, 1943.

2. Sisters of the Precious Blood. “Glory To The Blood of Jesus,” Monastery Precious Blood, Charlottetown. P.E.I. Miss Dorothy Dix c/o Charlottetown Guardian. Thank you letter from a reader for an article written by Dix. Letter was not for publication, nd.

3. “Dear Miss Dix,” by unknown, n.d. Six+ hand printed pages.

4. Robert Kemp, Chief Engineer, C.C.C.P., 552 Fourth Avenue, Troy, N.Y., February 1, 1950 [six type written pages] “Dear Mrs. Gilmer, “ comments on her writings on love.

5. “Politeness,” from Mrs. Lucie T. Hill. New Orleans, August 30, ny.

6. Small clipping attached to post card about the incomes of writers. Tom Boydston, 1186 E. 5th Street, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, January 25, 1936.

7. Letter about an enclosure on a narrative of Clarksville “60 years ago…you were one of the first persons I thought of and I hope you get a lot of pleasure from perusing this news of other days.” J. L. Stanton, 938 Charnelton Street, Eugene, Oregon, February 9, 1949 (photo copy).

8. Letter of appreciation of Dix’s writings “for the men and women of America.” Invitation to visit Edwards Hall in Roseland, Elkton, Kentucky and comment about having enjoyed very much a little trip to Woodstock (Dix's family home). Family member mentioned in a Dix letter is a relative of the writer , and that Dr. and Mrs. McReynolds have an interest in restoring the old Edwards home in Elkton…according to the directions by Mr. James McCutcheon who has the contract for the Rockefeller board for the restoration of Williamsburg. Dr. John Oliver McReynolds. President of the Pan-American Medical Association, October 13, 1937.