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Box 8 - Correspondence - Christmas cards and post cards from and to Dix

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Christmas cards from and to Dix with inscriptions and signatures

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Seven of the Christmas cards are signed by Dorothy Dix.

1. “All good cheer to you both. May your every day be the happiest day of your life. Your devoted, Leggie. Christmas, 1949,” (handwritten).

2. “Just to say once more I love you with all my heart, and I hope this Christmas is the beginning of many happy years for you. Bill and Edward got home from their hunting spree in Mexico last night. Had a [ ] but interesting time – killed many deer & ducks and 7 wild turkeys, and a bear – They look much improved for their trip. Love, Leggie. I’m crazy over my air machine-” nd. (handwritten).

3. Five signed cards “Merry Christmas, Dorothy Dix and Christmas greetings, Dorothy Dix,” nd. (handwritten).

4. One card from Nellie Nolte to Dorothy Dix. “Wishing you and yours A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” nd.

5. To A. H. Patch, 2445 Lawndale Av., Evanston, Ill. Picture card of the court house in Greensburg, KY. Built in 1799. Love-Liggie, June 15, 1941, New Orleans, LA.

6. To Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Patch, 2445 Lawndale Av., Evanston, Ill. Picture card of the Ohio River Bridge connecting Madison, Indiana and Trimble County, Kentucky. Love to all-Liggie, March 3, 1948, New Orleans, LA.

7. To “Dear Cousin Elizabeth…we see Elizabeth Meriwether born 1740 in the garden cemetery. We are thinking of you, affectionately.” Betty Meriwether Mc-Lure and D. Randolph, April 27, 1933 (two different handwritings). Card is a colored picture of clover fields with grazing sheep, Keswick, Virginia.

8. Postcard of Grove Park Inn from golf course, Asheville, N. C. where Dix often visited. Note from Lig but not post marked, nd.