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General information from newspapers and magazines about Dix’s travel and writing adventures. Some of the articles are by Elizabeth M. Gilmer while assigned by the Picayune as a special staff correspondent to Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee in London 1897. Other articles are about the side trips to other places in the British Isles Dix endured while there. Her father accompanied her on this trip. Several articles are from her scrap book. Titles scripted as in original text.

1. “Dorothy Dix Comes Home from Enchanted Dream of Four Months in Far East.” The Times Picayune, Sunday, October 4, 1931.

2. “Dorothy Dix Is Here Today On World Voyage” [Honolulu], ns., nd

3. “DISTINCTION OF SPEECH….Miss Dix will sail by the Tanda today at noon, returning to America by way of Japan and Honolulu,”ns., nd.


5. “Joy Ride Around The World-Farewell to Japan.” Wheeler Syndicate, Inc., 1921

6. “Dorothy Dix Hails Trip Over Andes As Supreme Thrill Of A Lifetime-Noted Newspaper Columnist Says Flight Surpasses Anything Else She Has Ever Seen For Sheer Beauty.” Pan American Air Ways, nd. (4 copies).

7. “Dorothy Dix Is Here,” by Frank Russell. The Herald, Melbourne, Thursday Evening, July 9, 1931.

8. “Dorothy Dix,’Abuelita ‘de los Muchachos y Chicas Yanquis, se Halla Entre Nosotros,” ns. nd.

9. “Public Asked On Tuesday To Dix Reception. Star-Bulletin invites every one to meet Dix, the most sought after woman in Hawaii…,”ns., nd.

10. “DOROTHY DIX HERE ON WEEK’S VISIT.” World famous adviser on feminine problems given official, civic welcome. Finishing Pacific voyage, she is given acclaim in aloha greetings. ….arrived in Honolulu,” ns., nd.

11. “A Welcome Visitor…there is now in Melbourne a gifted woman…,” ns., nd.

12. “Dorothy Dix Made City Summer Home For Years.” Ashville Citizen, Ashville, N.C., Monday, December 17, 1951.

13. “Dorothy Dix Returns” [from South America] ns., nd.

14. “Traveling Hints – Extracts from Dorothy Dix’s Book – My Trip Around the World, by courtesy of the Penn. Publishing Co.” New Orleans Life, May 1925.

15. “Shopping – It’s Fun And Trouble – A New Orleans Woman Tries It Abroad,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Paris, France, July 1, 1897 (from her scrap book).

16. “IN GREATER LONDON – The Day Before and During the Diamond Jubilee. – A Little American Woman Sees England’s Great Queen. – Throngs of Human Beings Gathered from All Parts of the World. – Miles of Streets Beautiful With Buntings and Silks and Roses. – The Flower of Royalty and Pride of England’s Soldiery on Parade,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Special Correspondence of The Picayune, London, June 22, 1897 (from her scrap book).

17. “FROM NEW YORK TO GLASGOW – A Long Voyage Accompanied by Mal de Mer. – How Good Land Looks and the Shops of a City, - After Feeling Sickness and Knowing Trouble on the Bosom of the Broad Ocean. – Glasgow and Her Monuments to Poets and Heroes. – The Grand Old Cathedral, Gothic and Still Glorious,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Staff Correspondence of The Picayune, Glasgow, Scotland, June 4, 1897 (from her scrap book).

18. “IN BONNIE SCOTLAND. – Historical Crags and Peaks and Silvered Lakes, - The Romance Laden Loch Katrine and Ellen’s Isle, - Where Sounded the Hero’s Shrill Bugle Horn, - And Where Came Once the Fanciful Lady of the Lake. – The Reality and Good Cheer of Cozy Little Stronach la Char,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Staff Correspondence of The Picayune, Stronach la Char, Scotland, June 10, 1987 (from her scrap book).

19. “ON SCOTLAND’S FAIR STRAND. – Scenes and Memories of Burns That Make Old Scotia Loved. – The Old Town of Ayr and the Tam O’Shanter Inn. – Birds and Flowers and Beautiful Paths About Alloway – Where the Poet Was Born and Tuned to Songs of Love,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Staff Correspondence of The Picayune, Ayr, Scotland, June 8, 1897 (from her scrap book).

20. “SCOTLAND’S CAPITAL CITY. – Sights in and About Classic Old Edinburgh. – Winds Not Tempered to the Unclad Liurbs of Highland Soldiers. – The Particular Ceremony of Building a Needed Summer Fire in a Little Grate. – The Town’s Hills and Monuments and the Historic Old Stone Castle,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Staff Correspondence of The Picayune, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 12, 1897 (from her scrap book).

21. “VIEWING FAIR MELROSE. – No Moonlight Sight-seeing Allowed at Melrose Abbey. – Sad Splendors of the Abbey’s Romantic Old Ruins. – A Visit to the Abbotsford Home of Sir Walter Scott. – The Workroom Where Poet and Novelist Created Characters of Song and Fiction,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Staff Correspondence of The Picayune, Melrose, Scotland, June 27, 1897 (from her scrap book).

22. “AT THE SHRINE OF SHAKESPEARE. – A Visit to the Interesting Town of Stratford, - Where the Immortal Bard of Avon Was Born. – A Peaceful Place full of Precious Relics Calling Up Tender Memories, - Replete With Long Ago Legends and Modern Instance," by Elizabeth M. Gilmer. Stratford-On-Avon, July 12, 1897 (from her scrap book).

23. “American Girl’s Club in Paris. – A Home For Girls Who Are studying Abroad. – The Have Plain Living and High Art,” by Elizabeth M. Gilmer, ns.,nd., (from her scrap book).

24. Hand made scrap book cover for “Memoirs of Elizabeth Gilmer’s TRAVELS ABROAD,” in color with Queen Victoria’s photo. Probably made as a cover piece for the scrap book (from her scrap book).

25. “St. Louis Fair is the biggest and best of all fairs in the world. Go and see it,” by Dorothy Dix. [New York Evening Journal, 1904] (from her scrap book).