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Box 9 - Travel mementos

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Original copies of selected travel maps and one passport

1. “Mexico,” a tribute to Old Mexico by Dorothy Dix. Booklet for National Railways of Mexico. Clayton Rand Publisher, Gulfport, Mississippi, USA, 1934.

2. “Edinburgh Capital of Scotland,” travel brochure. Published by The Corporation of the City of Edinburgh, nd.

3. “S.S.’Tanda,’ E.T. Pilcher, R.N.R., Commander. Sailing from Sidney for Brisbane, Townsville, Rabaul, Manila, Hong King, Shanghai, Moji, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama, 15th July, 1931. List of first Saloon Passengers. Re. Father Cane, Mr. Featherstone-Phibbs, Mrs. Featherstone-Phibbs, Mrs. A. Gilmer, Mrs. E.A. Hargreaves and child, Mr. T.R. Macdonald, Mrs. T. Mildren, Mr. J.S. Murdoch, Mrs. E.M. Nolte, Mr. A.H. Sims, Mrs. A.H. Sims and Mr. Wah. Ship’s officers are also listed on the card that shows tour of trip and ports of call along the Asian eastern shoreline.

4. “E. & A. Line T.S.S. ‘Tanda’ Menu for Sunday, 2nd August, 1931. Off Marinduque Isd. Clocks will be retarded 12 mins. Tonight.” Colored photo of ship.

5. “NORTH AFRICAN MOTOR TOURS, French Line, Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, 19 State Street, New York. Brochure from the New Orleans Office on 205 St. Charles Street.”

6. “Program Presented by The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Manila Honoring Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (‘Dorothy Dix’) At Hugh Wilson Hall, August 5, 1931 8:00 o’clock.”

7. “Author’s Route.” Map of the Middle East including Turkey and the Cairo, Egypt, delta area, ns.,nd.

8. Map in black and white showing the Scandinavian and the Mediterranean cruise tours. Includes ports of calls. Printed in England, nd.

9. “Itineraire Des Auto-Circuits Nord-Africains De La…Transatlantique, en chemin de fer [ferry], and Caravane au desert, ns.,nd.

10. The United States of America Passport for Elizabeth M. Gilmer, Hotel Bretten Hall, New York City, U.S.A. No. 112990. Age 57 years, Height 5’1”, forehead medium, eyes black, nose straight, mouth small, chin round, hair gray, complexion dark, face round and no distinguishing marks. Place of birth Montgomery County, Nov. 18, 1862. “This passport is valid for a period of six months and expires MAR 2 1920.”