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Box 10 - Photos of Dix from magazine and newspapers - general

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Magazine and newspaper clippings with photos of Dix, relatives and friends. Some photos accompanied with text. Titles scripted as in original article.

1. “When Murders Palled She Made Her column Her Career,”ns nd.

2. Photo of Dix in her 80s, Dorothy Dix written on back.

3. “Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix), a great favorite in the social world in New Orleans, was photographed at the Orleans Club where she was among those presiding at the tea table at the club’s recent opening reception,” ns., nd.

4. “Miss Dix lives at 6334 Prytania Street, in a comfortable, tastefully furnished house whose grounds are as green as Audobon Park, which they adjoin. Here she works, entertains, spends her leisure time,” ns.,nd.

5. “First Lady of the South.” Full page story summarizing Dix’s career in pictures and text. The Times Picayune New Orleans States, Sunday, October 26, 1941.

6. “Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) was photographed at the opening reception for this season of the Le Petit Salon of which she so graciously serves as president.” Photo by The Times-Picayune, Dix in her early 80s (?), nd.

7. “Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) as she was leaving Le Petit Salon following the annual meeting of this exclusive woman’s club held Thursday at its clubrooms at 620 St. Peter Street. She was re-elected president of the group for the third consecutive time. She succeeded the late Miss Grace King, New Orleans writer, who was the salon’s first president. In her annual address Thursday afternoon Mrs. Gilmer expressed gratification over the peace and prosperity that pervaded the salon. She described it as a means of relaxation for her which she looked forward to each week.” Full length photo of Dix holding large bouquet of flowers, ns., nd.

8. “Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix), president of Le Petit Salon, is shown at the clubhouse on St. Peter Street, in the heart of the Vieux Carre, where she presided over the opening reception of the club, for this season, held Thursday afternoon.” Full length photo of Dix holding large bouquet of flowers, ns., nd.

9. “To millions, Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer is known as Dorothy Dix.” Nice photo showing facial expressions well, Dix in her mid 80s (?), ns., nd.

10. In the study, letters are opened and sorted by Dix and her secretary Ella Bentley Arthur. Photo shows the richly decorated office with tapestry, oriental rugs and carved furniture. Dix in her later years, ns., nd.

11. “Dorothy Dix, the American journalist, who arrived here yesterday. Her articles on love and marriage problems appear in 200 newspapers” [Melbourne Sun] nd.

12. “Work on her column begins with the day’s mail, which she reads with her secretary, Mrs. Ella Bentley Arthur. In all her years of columning she has never missed a deadline, sends to her syndicate clean copy which seldom requires so much as a comma changed. The syndicate’s editors still regard with awe the even flow of columns from her typewriter to their desks.” Nice profiles of Dix and her secretary in their office, ns., nd.

13. “AMERICA’S CONFESSOR AT HOME; How Times Have Changed! Youth A Shock To Dorothy Dix. Sense of Shame Seems to Be Lost, Says Advisor. VIRTUES ABANDONED.” Dix cooking in her kitchen. International News photo by The Herald and Examiner, Friday, October 9, 1936.

14. “Dear Dorothy Dix. By telling them the truth about themselves, this warm and witty woman eased the heartache of millions. Yet in her own private life she was as hopelessly alone as those who wrote for her advice.” Good photo of Dix and her secretary opening mail. Times-Picayune, nd.

15. Copy of photo of Dix in her mid-late 30s (?). Very nice, upper body with serious look, ns., nd.

16. “Dorothy Dix on Air…with Judge Rudolph Desort yesterday, under the auspices of The Herald and Examiner.” International News photo by Herald and Examiner [Chicago Herald, mid 1960s]

17. “Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer and Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth.” The Times-Picayune, Wednesday, April 29, 1942.

18. Clarksville Female Academy Drawing, Clarksville, Tennessee. Engraved by C. Buttre, NY. Accompanied by text “The Graduation Essays…Miss Lizzie Meriwether-‘In the Market.’ Not so complementary to the present age-a trenchant satire on the universal dominion of the almighty dollar, for which everything may be bought; honor and love, lawyers, politicians and young ladies. Exceptions were made, however, in favor of Lee and Jackson, who were quoted as above price. The elocution of this young lady was generally remarked as admirable.” Newspaper clipping of the graduation essays pasted on to the engraving of the academy, ns., nd.

19. Photo of Mrs. Huntington Patch of Chicago who married the famed columnist’s nephew, and Mrs. Harvey Richards of Lake Forest, ILL, the former Miss Elizabeth Patch, a niece and namesake of Mrs. Gilmer. New Orleans States, November 13, 1939.

20. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) officially opens the local 1936 annual sale of Christmas seals and products by purchasing the first seal of the year. The Times-Picayune, November 27, 1930.

21. “THE TRIAL MAY NOW PROCEED.” Drawing of Dix with short statement about Hearst hiring her for the New York Journal. Drawing by a New York Herald artist, ns.,nd.