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Box 10 - Photographs - Elizabeth Meriwether-Gilmer - Dorothy Dix

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The photographs are chronologically arranged and are from the special collection.

1. Elizabeth Meriwether-Gilmer as a young woman in her early 30s with slender face and dark hair, copy of photograph, nd.

2. Dix, photo taken while in New York, early 40s. Photo by White, 1546 Broadway, New York, nd.

3. Dix dressed in a beautiful dress and stands in front of a fire place, estimated age middle 40, nd.

3a. Dix, upper torso of the above photo with serious facial expression, nd.

4. Dix at her desk, nd.

5. Dorothy Dix (autographed) nd.

6. Dix in a rattan chair on her enclosed sun porch reading The Times-Picayune. Photo by H.J. Harvey, New Orleans, nd.

7. Dix, mid-50s, faded photo, nd.

8. Dix writing at her beautifully carved desk (2 copies), nd.

9. Dix standing and holding a book in front of her large book case and next to an arm chair covered in silk embroidered fabric, nd.

10. Dix, nearly 70. Todd Co., KY on label attached to one copy (8 copies), nd.

11. Dix, early 70s, nd.

12. Dix, early 70s, nd., (2 copies).

13. Dix, at age 82, with bouquet of roses as she sponsored the Ofie Read at the Delta ship yard in New Orleans, December 3, 1943.

14. Dix, around 75 years old.

15. Dix with her dog, nd., (2 copies).

16. Dix in full length standing on front steps, nd.

17. Dix in chair in front of the fire place in her home on Prytania Street, New Orleans (2 copies).

18. Dix in full length on her front porch on Prytania Street, New Orleans, nd.

19. Dix in her early 80s dressed in oriental outfit, nd.

20. Dix in her mid 80s. Photo by Moses Studio, New Orleans, nd.

21. Dix sits in front of her grand piano, with photos of her brother Ed in the back ground. On the wall hangs one of her oriental rugs, nd.