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Box 13 - Dix Collection administration and correspondence

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Documents from A. Huntington Patch about the Dix collection. One letter to the head librarian Johnny Givens and two letters to Mr. Felix G. Woodward, assistant to the APSU president about having mailed collection content to the university.

1. Document providing brief historical information about the collection Mr. A. Huntington Patch inherited from his aunt Dorothy Dix. Reprinted in the Finding Aid [1969]

2. Handwritten note listing the family “characters,” by A. Huntington Patch [1969]

3. Typed note listing family members and friends, some with dates of death. “My darling sister” on top of the page and her (Mary) death year as 1944 [Dorothy Dix] nd.

4. Document listing the seven book titles Dorothy Dix wrote and the biography on Dix written by Harnett T. Kane. A. Huntington Patch, nd.

5. Letter to Miss Johnny Givens, APSU [head] librarian, listing the four items mailed to the library. A. Huntington Patch, December 10, 1969.

6. Letter to Mr. F. G. Woodward, assistant to the president, stating that the seven books written by Dix have been mailed to him. “I believe that these seven books constitute a complete set of her works…and probably the only complete set anywhere assembled.” A. Huntington Patch, September 9, 1969.

7. Letter to Mr. F. G. Woodward, assistant to the president, APSC, stating that “some very choice material for your Dorothy Dix collection have just been sent to you.” A. Huntington Patch, August 26, 1970.

8. Brief biography of Gilmer, Elizabeth (Meriwether) 1861-1951, and a typed note listing Elwyn T. Patch, Clarksville, TN as the local contact person, ns., nd.

9. Data sheet stating the collection was a gift of A. Huntington Patch. Brief content list with handwritten short notes [Arthur Goldsmith, APSU, 1981]

10. Addresses for A. Huntington Patch and his local relatives Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn T. Patch. Typed note, ns.,nd.