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Box 13 - Dix collection administration and correspondence/general

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Correspondence of a general nature, between librarians and Dorothy Dix researchers, about collection content and access.

1. Correspondence to and from Rosaleen Salvo Clark, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, about accessing Dorothy Dix material for her dissertation research. F. Richard Vaughn, head of acquisitions/periodicals and Arthur Goldsmith Jr., information services librarian, APSU, September 1, 1981-June 25, 1986 (6 pieces).

2. Correspondence to and from Veronica A. Makowsky, assistant professor, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, requesting information for the authorized biography she is writing about Caroline Gordon, cousin to Dorothy Dix. Ms. Makowsky states that “Miss. Gordon mentioned to me” that Gordon and Dix were related. Arthur Goldsmith Jr., APSU, October 4, 1984-October 31, 1984 (3 pieces).

3. Correspondence to and from Bill Weaver, Ph.D., University of Alabama, Birmingham, School of Medicine, requesting information about “Dorothea Dix’ role in the establishment of the mental hospital in this state. I understand that you have a Dorothea Dix manuscript collection.” (Confused with the Dix who was the first advice to the lovelorn columnist). Arthur Goldsmith Jr., APSU, June 3, 1982-June 22, 1982 (2 pieces).

4. Correspondence between Miss Patricia Lyle, Clarksville, Tennessee (8th grader’s handwritten letter) and A. Huntington Patch, Ashville, North Carolina asking for information about Dorothy Dix, “your cousin” to write a booklet on her as a class project. The contemporary author Dorothy Dix was assigned to Miss Lyle by her teacher Mrs. Jarrell. A. Huntington Patch [December] 3, 1969-December 6, 1969 (5 pieces).