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Box 14 - Slides of Dix’s Life, staff, friends and relatives

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Slides made from selected photos of Dix’s staff, friends and relatives

1. Dix at work with her secretary Ella Bentley Arthur.

2. Dix in her home on 6334 Prytania Street, New Orleans (runs perpendicular to Exposition Street which runs parallel to the west end of Audobon Park) with several relatives and friends.

3. Dix and her friends at the Le Petit Salon.

4. Dix with Elizabeth Nicholson at a ship launching. Elizabeth is the daughter of Eliza Nicholson, the owner of the Times Picayune who hired Dix to work at her paper in 1896.

5. Dix as an adjudicator at the Miss Rhododendron beauty contest.

6. Dix and her father at Dix’s second home in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

7. Dix with her brother Edward and wife Daisy, and their son Bill, stand in front of an airplane.

8. Dix holding a large bouquet of roses on the Dorothy Dix Day celebrated in New Orleans.

9. Dix holding a large bouquet of roses, on the Dorothy Dix Day, with her great nephew Bill Meriwether, Jr. and his sister Daisy, New Orleans.

10. William Douglas (Billy) Meriwether, 83 years old (nephew of Dix), with his two children Bill Jr., and Daisy, New Orleans, 1992.

11. William Douglas Meriwether, Sr., and his sister in law Helen Meriwether, Exposition Street, New Orleans, 1992.

12. William Douglas Meriwether, Sr. and his sister in law Helen Meriwether. Elnor MacMahan (librarian at APSU) and Inga A. Filippo (librarian at APSU), 1992 visit with the Meriwether family on Exposition Street, New Orleans (3 copies).