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Box 14 - Slides of Dix’s life and milestones of importance to her

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Slides made from photographs, articles and drawings of major historical markers in Dix’s life.

1. Clarksville Female Academy, Madison Street Clarksville, Tennessee. Elizabeth Meriwether attended between the years of 1877-1879.

2. Marker at Woodstock Plantation shows birthplace of Dix (1861-1951). Marker was placed during the Dorothy Dix Symposium held at Woodstock in October 1992.

3. Marker at Woodstock Plantation shows Caroline Meriwether Goodlett, U.D.C., founder.

4. Marker at Meriwether Cemetery (established in 1809), Meriville, Todd County, Kentucky.

5. Plaque shows Woodstock as a historical landmark, Kentucky Historical Council, 1992.

6. Grave stone of Charles Nicholas Meriwether and Carolina Barker, Meriville Cemetery, Todd County, Kentucky.

7. The Meriwether grave stone at Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans.

8. Grave marker of Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) at the Meriwether grave stone, Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans.

9. General Johnson on horse Firefly from the breeding stock at Woodstock. Statue in Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans (2 copies).

10. Estate probate of the Gilmer will, January, 1952.

11. Estate value announcement of writer Gilmer, February, 1952.