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Box 14 - Slides of Dix’s life and the Dorothy Dix Symposium at Woodstock

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Slides made from selected photographs taken at the Dorothy Dix Symposium, 1991 and from newspaper announcements about the Symposium.

1. Woodstock Mansion at the time of the Symposium, September 27, 199 (2 copies).

2. Participants gathering at Woodstock for Symposium registration (3 copies).

3. Outdoor view of grounds with luncheon tables being set up (6 copies).

4. The nearly 200 guests lining up for the buffet lunch (6 copies).

5. Luncheon entertainment provided by a group of drama students from the Austin Peay State University Drama Department. Dr. Joe Filippo coordinated the performance of the walking and talking production telling the Dorothy Dix story; with assistance from Ms. Lydia Leding and Polly Anna Vickery. Guests are APSU Professor Charles Waters and Librarian Emma Mae Palmer.

6. The formal presentations were held under the tent (3 copies).

7. Symposium announcement in the APSU Monday’s Memo (2 copies).

8. Symposium display at the APSU F.G. Woodward Library (3 copies).

9. A buffet dinner was served at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Joe Filippo before the theatrical evening production (2 copies).

10. Dorothy Dix Talks, an original two act play written by John MacDonald and presented by the Clarksville Roxy Theatre. The play was performed in the evening of the Symposium day.

11. Samples of printed matter for the Symposium (6 copies).